The Network got a grim prophecy by Mikhail Bulgakov about the worms of death

In the scientific world announced the prediction of the famous Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov.

According to experts, the key to unlocking the ordinances of the universe was the prophecy dates back to 1925. Notable is the fact that the assumptions of the writer about the Ukrainian lands come to pass with unprecedented accuracy, while Russia, they are waiting for their own reality. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

This incident was preceded by an Athonite elders prophecy about a future war.

In the above year was made an important discovery in the field of chemistry, physics. Walter and IDA Noddack discovered rhenium. The experts then remembered the words of Bulgakov, that Russia will come to an end as a result of the scourge creatures, able to ruin the infrastructure of cities. Russian writer called these creatures the worms of death. The flames were fanned by the fact that Robin bell predicted the rise in water level in the oceans to a height of 12-storey buildings. Prince Charles is predicted that the world would collapse after 18 months.

In turn, that on 12 August this year the worms of death, hiding behind the meteor shower the Perseids, will destroy the ground of the Blue planet. Proponents of alternative science said that to exterminate the hybrids will fail due to their structure and composition. Previously in the public domain was a prophecy Vanga about world war III.

In addition, we should not forget, as the prophetess Djuna predicted a terrible fate Alibasov. We will remind that earlier in the Internet appeared the predictions of Vanga on elections of the Ukrainian President.

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