Bugatti SUV can be equipped with electric motor 1 to 900 HP

Bugatti quite some time had the idea to expand its range, which is currently represented only Chiron hypercar, as well as a few modifications based on it. Initially, the firm wanted to build a luxurious and powerful sedan, but in current situation more logical is the creation of a crossover.

There were even rumors that the future SUV from Bugatti could be built on the basis of the sports SUV Lamborghini Urus, which, recall, is equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo that develops 650 “horses”.

Внедорожник Bugatti могут оснастить электромотором на 1 900 л.с.

But now, according to the publication Automobile Magazine, the SUV from Bugatti planned to equip all-electric powertrain that will borrow from the Croatian firm Rimac. This already exists and is placed on the model C_Two and Battista Pininfarina, where it develops an impressive 1 900 HP

Only here comes another problem — the appearance of a 2000-strong electric crossover from Bugatti slow down the sale of Chiron, the circulation of which the end is not yet redeemed. Not only that, the SUV will be more affordable hypercar, so if he’ll be more powerful than him, then it’s clearly not like the current clients that lay out a tidy sum for Chiron.

There is a third option — if the SUV Bugatti will not be equipped with electric motor from Rimac, then maybe it eventually will be built on the architecture of the new hypercar, which should be the successor model of the Porsche 918 Spyder. In General, we will wait that will decide the company itself, but by itself the appearance of such a model sounds promising.

Внедорожник Bugatti могут оснастить электромотором на 1 900 л.с.

Внедорожник Bugatti могут оснастить электромотором на 1 900 л.с.

Image @Sajdin Osmancevic

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