“The most harsh words”: who displeased Elizabeth II

«Самые резкие слова»: кем недовольна Елизавета IIBritish Queen Elizabeth II is disappointed at the current due to the Brexit situation and does not believe in the effectiveness of the current politicians. The monarch said at one of the indoor activities in 2016, said the source newspaper The Sunday Times. The interlocutor of the edition noted that she is disappointed even more.

Queen Elizabeth II does not believe in the ability of current politicians to govern effectively. In addition, she was disappointed with the situation prevailing in the state in the context of Brexit, according to the newspaper The Sunday Times.

“I think she has a genuine concern. I heard she talked about the fact that disappointed that current policies are not able to properly govern the country,” — said the publication source in the Palace who had “an impeccable reputation”.

According to the interlocutor of the media about his disappointment, the Queen said back in the summer of 2016 at the private event, which was held shortly after Prime Minister David Cameron resigned on the background of weak results of the referendum on Brexit.

“She expressed her dissatisfaction and disappointment with the quality of political leadership, and over time, this disappointment only increased,” — said the source publication. This, according to the newspaper, was one of the most dramatic political statements that the Queen has made during his 67-year reign.

On the background of the coming British exit from the European Union, the date of which is scheduled for October 31st in the British media there are more reports that the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and the opposition led by leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbin intend to appeal directly to the Queen, to help them achieve their political goals. However, the environment of the Queen, according to The Sunday Times, for its part, will do everything possible that Elizabeth II has maintained its status as an impartial monarch.

At the same time, opponents of exit the United Kingdom from the EU insist in Parliament on the dismissal of recently who took his post of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. As noted by the source, this situation is possible if the house of Commons expresses no confidence in the Johnson. “The Queen could write a letter to him that he’s fired. If she has to fire him, she’ll do it”, — said the interlocutor of the British media.

Earlier, on 4 August, Councilman Johnson Dominic Cummings told The Telegraph that the Prime Minister will achieve his aim of a British exit from the EU until October 31 – even if the vote of no confidence will still be made.

A vote of no confidence the house of Commons will be able to bring Johnson in September when it will resume meeting. In this case, will be appointed early elections, which the Prime Minister has the right to appoint to a date beyond 31 October, said Cummings. He also expressed confidence that the election victory of the Conservative party.

On 24 July, after the British Prime Minister was elected, he confirmed his intention to withdraw the United Kingdom from the EU, regardless of the circumstances. “We are going to fulfill repeated promises of the Parliament to the people and leave the European Union on 31 October without any “if” or “but”, — quotes the words public speaking Johnson SkyNews.

Brexit, according to the new Prime Minister, was “a fundamental solution” residents of the UK. “They wanted their laws are made by those people who they can elect and remove from office”, he added.

However, the Prime Minister hoped that London and Brussels will be able to come to an acceptable agreement on withdrawal from the EU. Thus the complete absence of a deal Johnson described as “unlikely”.

In the long tradition of the British Queen does not participate in the political life of the state. Also Elizabeth II does not comment on controversial issues that must be addressed by the government, including Brexit, so she still has not given official estimates of the decision. In 2016, the newspaper The Sun has published information about what the Queen supposedly supports withdrawal from the EU. These messages provoked a strong reaction in Buckingham Palace.

“The Queen is politically neutral and has been doing it for 63 years. We will not comment on false statements emanating from anonymous sources. The decision on the referendum (on membership of Britain in EU) will make the British people”, — said the representative of the Queen.

However, the tabloid insisted that the information came “from a very reliable source”, RIA “Novosti”.

As a result, in may 2016 standards Organization independent press (IPSO) has recognized the incorrect title of the newspaper is published.
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