Ocasio-Cortez called the idea of white supremacy terrorism through mass executions

White supremacy must be defined as terrorism, in accordance with the Federal law, said a member of the house of representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Monday, August 5, at the vigil for the victims of the shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

There are so many different issues that are compounding the problem of violence in our country. One of them is the terrorism by white supremacists, “said Ocasio-Cortez, speaking to the 500 people who came to Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn.

Congresswoman stressed that, in her opinion, the idea of the superiority of the white race need to recognize at the Federal level as “international terrorist problem“.

The politician also said that anti-immigration rhetoric of the President of trump and other “directly tied to what happened in El Paso“.

Among other speakers were member of the house of representatives Carolyn Maloney from Queens.

In America we have more guns than anywhere else on earth. And if the gun is more secure, so we the safest country on Earth. Is that so?” asked Maloney. “No!” replied the crowd.

In the US, a snake curled into a ring and start to eat themselves by swallowing almost half of the body (video)

Snake from Pennsylvania, which was holding the cage at the shelter for reptiles, began to eat itself, clutching its own tail. Fortunately, this story ended for reptile well – he was released …on August 12 2019, 12:16

Yesterday, the network appeared the photo on which young people wearing t-shirts of the team of majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell stand with a cardboard statue of Ocasio-Cortez. Video of the guys trying to kiss the fake Congresswoman and the other pretends he smothers her.

Hello Mitch McConnell. These young people look as if they work for you, wrote on Twitter Ocasio-Cortez. – Just wanted to clarify: do you pay for the fact that young people touched and choked members of Congress or is it just the standard culture #TeamMitch?

Photo appeared a day after Ocasio-Cortez publicly denounced the McConnell – due to shootings at El Paso and Daytona because he does not contribute to the vote in the Senate on the law on the reform of weapons.

During a vigil for the victims Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez called the idea of white supremacy “international terrorist problem” updated: August 12, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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