Child with special needs called “too noisy” and asked his family to leave the restaurant

The family says that they literally broke the heart, asking to leave the Outback Steakhouse in Glen Burnie (Maryland) on Saturday evening, due to a 4-year-old son with neurological problems." width="500" height="593" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"

Son of Amanda brown, Killian, was born with a neurological disorder — children with apraxia of speech. His illness makes it boy slurred, and also affects the communication and behavior of the child. He is very friendly and flexible.

His mother said that before the incident Steakhouse family has never ever had a problem with the baby, and an ill-fated night he acted the same as always.

According to Amanda, they were sitting in the very back of the restaurant and the room was not too many people. Ordered drinks and lunch, the food came quickly enough. At first, everything went just fine. Perhaps, periodically, the boy was acting too noisy for their table, but not always, assure parents. However, in a few minutes they were approached by a Manager and asked to leave.

Employee Steakhouse announced that he had received a noise complaint because of the baby. He said that he was very uncomfortable, but he had to ask them to finish lunch and leave.

The family just could not believe my ears.

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“I was in shock. As an apology for the inconvenience he gave us a credit of $20 for your next order. Why put my son and the rest of the family to such humiliation? What can I get to come back here? I again asked to leave if my son will be too loud to behave?”

The mother said she will not stand for it and will complain. Network Outback Steakhouse positions itself as a restaurant for the whole family — but apparently not for a family with a child with special needs.

“My anger had subsided and left only the sadness from thinking about how my son will be forced to constantly fight to be in public places,” added Amanda.

“We contacted the family and personally apologized. — Outback Steakhouse announced in a statement to ABC7 — We strive to make all guests feel comfortable in our restaurants, but in this case failed. We learn from our mistakes and better prepare our employees to service a variety of customers.”

Amanda hopes that her story will draw a lesson those who have to work with families who have children with special needs.

The family was heart broken and asked to leave the restaurant because of the child with special needs updated: August 12, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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