“Great” girl, “a great film”: the French press about the “Cornstalk”

Wednesday, August 7, the French rolled out the film of Russian Director of the Cantemir Balagova “Tall”, won the prize for best Director at the program “the Special sight” the Cannes film festival. Reviews the film the day of the premiere published all the main French Newspapers.

“Autumn of 1945. Leningrad barely recovering from the most terrible siege of the Second World war. Traces on the facades of houses and unhealed scars of the people. Amid the General chaos and the approaching cold arise a strange relationship between two friends, anti-aircraft gunner AI and wave” — gives your announcement of the film, the newspaper La Croix.

The pupil Alexander Sokurov, inspired by the novel of Nobel laureate Svetlana Aleksievich Cantemir of Balakov seeks “to create a historical mural, without departing from the format of the female portrait.” “A descriptive work, which is so important to the Director, is not exempt from mental exercises,” writes the author of the review in the newspaper Le Monde.

“A great film” refers to a “Lofty” the author of the article in Les Echos, noting not only the Director’s success, but the work of the operator Ksenia Sereda, which is still three years younger than the 27-year-old Balagova. “The beauty of these frames is largely dependent on light that it is impossible to determine whether it is soft or, by contrast, sharp”.

The newspaper Le Figaro publishes an interview with the Director in which Cantemir of Balakov talks about how his inspiration for the film the heroes of Andrei Platonov and interviews of women participants in the war, collected in the book by Svetlana Alexievich, talks about the similarities of the main character Prince Myshkin in “the idiot” Dostoevsky explains, to what do I owe to my teacher Alexander Sokurov and why not like the comparison with Xavier Dolan (canadian Director, not much older than Balagova RFI).

Responding to a question about a lesbian relationship between Ia and Masha, Blagov explains that it is a relationship based not so much on passion as on the claims of human affection, “these are two wounded souls who treat each other and feed off one another. For me, it’s not a sexual relationship. I proceed from the principle that man needs another person, and not just a man needs a woman or Vice versa.”

Arguing about the historical context of the film and the Parallels with modern Russia, Blagov regrets “silent” the young generation, about censorship and the problems with the financing of movies faced by young Directors. Himself, “like many other young Directors”, Balakov calls the Director a rebel.

In addition to an interview with Le Figaro also publishes a review of the journalist and writer Eric Naofa in which the author calls “the Cornstalk” masterpiece and “lightning.” Critic praises as the Director, so the two main characters of the picture — Victoria Miroshnichenko, who performed the role of “lofty” AI, and Vasilisa Perelygin, who played her friend Mary.

“All the world’s woes going on one screen,” — recounts the author of the review postoyannuyu the historical fabric of the film, personal drama of the characters and social conflict of the pseudo-egalitarian society. “In his 27 years of Balakov understood everything about life and its tragedy. It is difficult to say whether it can be considered a success for man, but for the artist it is a divine gift,” concluded the review Eric is Right.
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