In the ocean, scientists found a prehistoric monster that lived on the Earth for 180 million years ago, the people

American specialists under the leadership of Dean Grubbs managed to organize extreme expedition-in the pursuit of a prehistoric predator.

Own knowledge in the areas listed above, the experts intended to increase by submarine Nadir. It should be noted that representatives of the scientific world in this matter really helped the Corporation OceanX, which eventually funded a research venture. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First the researchers had to close the beach for the sake of rare species of sharks.

The initiatives of the experts in the end were crowned with success, as the submarine sailed the female, though unbelievable. Recently, residents of the Blue planet were surprised by the incident, during which the unknown giant was bitten in half by a 5-metre shark. You should also not forget about the existence of the 5-meter white shark in Hawaii.

In turn, the newly minted six-gilled mutant, according to preliminary estimates, lived on the Earth for 180 million years ago. It is the presence of Gill slits separates this monster from relatives. Mainly food for these predators is carrion or other inhabitants of the deep sea. Seismologists have already prepared earthlings for the eruption of the volcano, which are perfectly adapted shark-mutants.
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