“No need to patronize me”: the fans of PSG are waiting for the transfer of Neymar to another club

Sunday, August 11, began the first round of the regular season in the French Ligue 1. His home stadium champion last year, “Paris–Saint-Germain” met “Nîmes”. The match ended 3-0 in favor of the “Parisians.” The scored scored Edinson Cavani, Kilian Mbappe and angel Di Maria. The beginning of the season in full is mild for PSG, the club is still the main favorite for the national championship, but obviously to no avail dreaming about good results in the Champions League.

Experts believe that the positive development for the Paris club was the appointment in June of the Brazilian Leonardo to the position of sports Director is Antero Henrique. Leonardo is in a sense a return to basics: in 1996-1997 he played for PSG as a player, and in 2011-2013 was the sporting Director (that’s him, “Parisians” are required when the team of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani and Thiago Silva). His “third coming” Leonardo began with the fact that formulated the rules of conduct, which was signed by all the players of the club. Thus he attempted to demonstrate that, whatever the “star” of the players individually, club unity is of paramount importance. Interestingly, the most popular, expensive and disruptive of them, from the point of view of experts, remains the biggest challenge PSG. It is, of course, about Neymar.

The Brazilian wants to stay at the club and does not hide it. The club is also not very keen to keep him, but negotiations about a possible transfer of the striker delayed: very few clubs that can afford Neymar, to let go for pennies which the “Parisians” of course, do not intend to.

In early July, in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, Leonardo noted:
“It is obvious that he (Neymar RFI) wants to leave. In turn, the “PSG” wants to count on players who want to be here and to build together something big. We do not need players who do the club a favor, left”.

The relationship between the sports Director and the striker of “PSG” highlighted by cool. Leonardo has repeatedly called on Ney to order to respect the schedule of the club. In the match with “Nîmes” Neymar wasn’t playing. Before the match, Leonardo said that this decision was taken due to the fact that in negotiating the player’s transfer to another club, there has been significant progress.

It is obvious that fans will breathe easy, as soon as Neymar will leave the team. On the website of the newspaper Le Figaro took the survey, which for two days was attended by more than 70 thousand people. 88% voted for the final separation “Parisians” with Neymar. In the comments, the fans of football explained his choice by the fact that the Brazilian “physically and psychologically not stable,” and “sets a bad example” the youngest fans of the club. Even during the match with the “Nîmes”, in which Neymar did not play, he still got in the stadium the Parc de Prince on Sunday, 11 Agusta, the most radical fans “Paris–Saint-Germain” chanted “Neymar, get out!” and much less a decent chants to the athlete. They also unfurled banners with slogans based on the recent allegations of player rape.

The question of how now perceive Neymar fans and was able to understand them, was asked of the coach of “Parisians” Thomas Tuklu. “It is quite difficult, and I don’t even know what to say. About the shouts and the insults I know now, when I watched the recordings on smartphones colleagues. During the match I didn’t hear them. Can I understand it? Yes and no. So now the way our life is always have emotions, very strong. But, on the other hand, he’s still our player, still my player, and I will always defend their players. He’s my player, he is with us in the locker room and on the field. He’s my player, and I’ll defend him. I can understand that not everyone likes what he says and does. But when Express emotions, we should not forget to keep level,” said Tuchel.

No matter what the fate of Neymar, PSG, according to experts, the new season comes with a wise strategy. The club is not made risky acquisitions, its ranks are not filled the players with a deafening big names. Instead, the team focused on the formation of a smooth and cohesive team, capable, as shown last season to win at the highest level.
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