The astronomer appreciated the danger of flying to the Earth asteroid

Астроном оценил опасность летящего в сторону Земли астероида

Asteroid 2019 OU1, which compare in size to the great pyramid of Cheops, poses no threat to Land, told “Izvestia” a senior research fellow at the Department of Solar system research of the Institute of astronomy Alexander Bagrov.

The asteroid as close as possible to the Ground on August 28 and will raskinetsya to our planet at a distance of 1 million km.

“It’s 2.5 times farther than the Moon. It is a completely safe distance. In addition, the asteroid of this size it’s hard to call large, because there are asteroids larger than one thousand kilometers,” — said Bagrov.

The scientist added that even if the asteroid would fall to Earth, the hypothetical damage would depend on the point of impact. In particular, the 70-meter iron meteorite caused the famous crater Barringer in Arizona with a diameter of 1.2 km.

Earlier, the European space Agency (ESA) has updated the list of points of space objects. According to him, with a probability of 1:7000 in the Ground slam 9 Sep asteroid 2006QV89.

In addition, the danger the asteroid Apophis is the size of four football fields. Now he is at a distance of 200 million km, but in 2029 will approach the Earth at 30 kilometers.

The most dangerous is 2010RF12. Experts have calculated that this asteroid will collide with our planet with a probability of 1:16 in the year 2095.

In early June, the VLT telescope has made detailed images of a double asteroid 1999 KW4, which is closer to the Ground.
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