For that I love and hate the first lady of the United States Melania trump

The first lady of the United States Melania trump both love and hate. Some people admire her well-groomed style and unusual looks, others can’t stand it and called “wife-trophy” and I remember a candid photo shoot in his youth. However indifferent Melania leaves no one, including the Western media. “Arguments of the Week” has learned that foreign journalists write about the first lady of the United States.

For more than two years in the status of the first lady Melania became a style icon: her images are discussed almost daily, and each new release becomes a sensation. Fans of conspiracy theories even believe that Melania talks to people with the help of clothes, so she failed to avoid several high-profile scandals associated with her “inappropriate” appearance. The style of the first lady of the United States understands the pieces, but still often rewarded with praise. “In a situation of divided politics of the country and its future role the first lady of the United States Melania trump did what we honestly did not expect. She appeared at her husband’s inauguration by playing one of the most beloved political and fashion icons of America: Jackie O”, – writes the popular showbiz portal Cheatsheet. “How does Melania sends subtle hints to the critics? It often appears more affordable clothing. After all, even before the first lady appeared at the G7 summit in Dolce & Gabbana jacket that cost 51000$, it has received criticism for its too luxurious closet. Obviously, it makes the conclusions.”

Edition the Independent in his article immodestly calls Melania trump “the first lady of fashion” and examines in detail her images during the first official visit to the UK. “The first lady, perhaps something borrowed from its predecessor Michelle Obama’s closet Melania definitely plays differently. She prefers a more linear fashion diplomacy: the trip to Egypt, Malawi, Ghana and Kenya last year, she chose a African style – think cream-colored suit, white shirt and pants or a dress in the style of Safari with rhinos. In the same British tour was the first gown from Gucci: dress-shirt with images of tower bridge, big Ben and red double-Decker buses of London.” The publication notes that Melania prefers “accurate” fashion, so that their foreign trips she chooses outfits that match the culture of the country.

But, of course, with no less interest the Western media discuss the relations between the so-called FLOTUS (The First Lady of the Unites States) her rich husband Donald trump. In June the famous tabloid the Sun came out with funny material, “trump jokes that put him in the electric chair, if he takes at least one love note Melania email”. Trump remembered launched in 2015, the case against Hillary Clinton over the use of her personal Inbox for official correspondence. Then Clinton said under oath that he gave all his official letters to the FBI, however, approximately 3,000 letters were removed. Speaking to supporters in Orlando, trump joked about what would happen if he did the same thing.

But jokes aside, many of the tabloids are still making noise, that Melania is very unhappy in the relationship with trump, and experts confirm this. Edition Express came out with provocative material “Melania trump SHOCK: the First lady clearly NOT happy with Donald, says expert”. They remembered the famous footage of the first lady pushes her husband’s arm, and it has happened more than once. “He often enough it to bring to yourself. If you look at her body, she moves towards it in a natural way”, says expert Claire Anderson.

Melania herself denies all the speculation. Last year she gave intervocalically “Fox”, which said that they have a trump definitely has a “chemistry”: “we had great chemistry when we met in 1998 and we started Dating, and we dated for a long time before we got married, and then we had our son. But we had incredible chemistry from the very first day. I think my husband does an incredible job. The country has become much better. I want US to continue to flourish.”

For Melania’s no secret that many do not favor. In a television interview she said she considers himself “the most persecuted person” in the world”. The first lady noted that in White house there are people who can’t be trusted, and she told them about her husband. However, it is unknown whether he listened to her advice.

With what many refer to the first lady with defiant disregard is difficult to argue. What is the recent statement of the American fashion icon and editor of Vogue Anna Wintour. In an interview on the podcast “the Economist” journalist Ann Mcelvoy noted that Melania is very consciously decided to wear clothes from British designers during the state visit to the UK. When she then asked Wintour about fashion preferences of the first lady, Anna Wintour ignored the question, instead simply praising the style of Michelle Obama.

Melania Knauss came to new York from Yugoslavia in the 1990s to build a modeling career. Obviously, at the age of 26 she had no idea which way she will go. In recent years it has become perhaps the most discussed the first lady of the United States, and in General one of the most famous women in the world. And despite the fact that talking about her media, she has an amazing ability not to react to criticism.

Anastasia Nichiporova, argumenti.ru

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