The U.S. Congress has promised to help the Russian opposition

The leader of the Democrats Steni Hoyer called on Russian authorities to release all detained activists and to allow opposition candidates in the Moscow city Duma elections.

All to let go and allow. These requirements to the Russian authorities was voiced by leader of the Democrats in the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress Steni Hoyer. First, we need to release immediately those detained during the riots activists and to allow opposition candidates in the Moscow city Duma elections, konkretisiert Democrat.

While Hoyer noted that the policy of the Russian authorities against opposition candidates “concerned about the whole world”, so the U.S. Congress will closely monitor what is happening in the internal politics of Russia and to support those who are “committed to democracy”, resulting in transfer of the statement the Congressman “Ridus”.

In turn, Russia considers such statements constitute interference in the internal Affairs of the country. In particular, the head of the Federation Council Commission for the protection of the sovereignty Andrei Klimov drew attention to the fact that “our so-called foreign partners began their work”.

– This work is multifold. Including through the unbalanced presentation of information, as well as through their state-controlled structures of the media. They use our fellow citizens, who get money from them or have passed some training abroad, – said Klimov.

Earlier official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova noticed that in the Twitter account of the US Consulate published the route of an illegal action on the Boulevard ring with the exact time and place of gathering of participants. She also noted that the US and Germany, using the media of their countries, directly interfering in Russian internal politics.

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