“Escaped as best they could”: the explosions in the military near Achinsk

This week, August 5, in the village of Kamenka, Krasnoyarsk region, where the military part of the exploded ammunition depot. The explosions caused the local population to panic. It was decided to evacuate itself Kamenka and the nearby town of Achinsk. How was the evacuation, RFI said local residents.

Evgeny Koksharov come from a stove, but now lives in another region. Relatives came to rest and brought with her two children.

Evgeny Koksharov: At that time we were in town with mom, Achinsk, and the grandfather with his grandchildren at home. My mom then called friends of the Heater, said all, then the Heater blow up, we don’t know what to do! Of course, I started to worry about the kids, we don’t know what to do, where to go. Grandpa grabbed the children, ran outside, things exploded, they ran to the cottage, in the cellar. Climbed into the cellar, then boomed, of course, they began to pop up, because — well, what to sit there is just scary. And all ran on the Red road (the road in the woods near Kamenka — approx. RFI). Grandpa we lost children. One I have a small child, a boy, he is two yet, he was on his hands. And the second girl, she’s 6, she was with my nieces, for 11 years. In General, they missed each other, he sat in one car, because everything was going down in all directions, fled as best they could. He sat in one car, and my daughter and my niece well, not confused, they began to see what a car was parked, who was going where, they just climb in all the cars that where open. There were two women and the driver, we also know that all of the Heater, all know each other. They planted them and took in another village, in Balabanovka. Imagine I have one child was with his grandfather at Tarutino, and the other is my General Balabanovka. And I was sitting in the city of Achinsk, and I have all not run, I do not know what to do, where my children are and how.

RFI: And the phones have not been with him?

Evgeny Koksharov: Nothing happened! They left everything behind. They even have not closed the door of the house, I have a child, as his grandfather grabbed the diaper, naked, in a t-shirt, without anything so they ran, and I have a daughter at all running barefoot on the glass.

Fortunately, later Eugenia managed to find their children. Her parents on 8 August in the morning he returned to Kamenka. The dormitory in which they live, was badly damaged, smashed doors and Windows. But the authorities while asking nothing to fix: the Commission should assess the amount of damage.

As a result of explosions in Kamenka firefighter died and eight received injuries of varying severity, according to the Investigative Committee of Russia. Military Department of the TFR in the Krasnoyarsk garrison has filed criminal case under part 2 St. 349 criminal code (violation of rules for handling weapons and objects posing increased danger to others, negligently caused human death).

Another local resident, Tom, also lives in the Dorm. Its explosions caught on a lake near the village.

Artem: We were at the camp, there is a lake, not far from the Heater for about 10 kilometers. In the same side where the heater is, there is a quarry, the mine, which is constantly blowing. We thought at first that this happen there blasting, but later we called and found out that the heater in the warehouse caught fire shells.

But in Kamenka in General, people are not afraid to live next to a military base, where ammunition is stored?

I don’t know, we live in this military town. Heater — this is a military town, which belongs to this part. I do not know, somehow did not have fear before any situations like this had happened.

Where did you go when I found out about explosions in Kamenka?

We even home not yet reached, we stopped in Achinsk, is also nearby and watched the explosions. And then announced the evacuation of Achinsk, and we went to the side of Krasnoyarsk. Spent the night in the village Kozul’ka, where the collection point was at the House of culture.

How you met there?

You know, there is nothing official staff, officials did not. The people there are your beds, your beds brought their cakes some teas. For us everything made. That is, the state we have not done. Just announced officially that there is a collection point there, and just ordinary people for what we did, thanks to them!

How long were you there?

We arrived there at three in the morning, till morning was there, then in the village took the necessary products, things. We are in Slippers, so shorts was, t-shirts, we have no clothes, no documents, nothing was with him. And went to another village. While not officially announced, that it is possible to Kamenka to visit. We stopped in the Stove yesterday morning (Wednesday 7 August — approx. RFI). We were not allowed there by car, started to move, and walking is allowed.

As the village now looks?

All promised that the Heater does not remain, and there is a village part of a few houses burned, and the city all the Windows shattered in houses roof suffered a bit in the clubhouse, a kindergarten, a staff of the military. Door posnosil in houses, interior and those at the entrance.

And you?

We have an apartment in an apartment building, Dorm. We had a broken lock, but the door was still holding. The kitchen is one window left, it was plastic. And those that were made of wood – glass left. Windows and doors almost no one left.

You spent the night in the apartment without doors and Windows?

Yes, slept. The door we repaired, lock set, window patched blankets thick possible. And spent the night.

The authorities have promised to help rebuild the housing?

No, nothing is promised. Said only that the glass was brought to Windows. Even the frames of the Windows are not brought, in a plastic set. Just the glass — not even meant to make this in window inserts. They just brought and said, put. Still not delivered.

As compensation?

Say, you have to go to the White house in Achinsk (a city administration — approx. RFI), to write a statement. And there are 10 thousand per family give, that’s all we promised.

Explosions still heard?

Yes, they now went on until we was in Kamenka. In the evening, when all work ceases, i.e., no noise, and only heard the explosions, a little bit scary. Today, there are more or less all swept, cleaned, trucks were noisy and not much pay attention to the explosions.

Do you think many will want after this incident to leave the Heater?

I think many will want, but the opportunity is not special. As the money no one.

Locals mainly work in the military?

Yeah, almost all military parts work.

Today in Kamenka waited for Sergei Shoigu. According to Artem, to his arrival, local authorities had cleaned up and even painted the grass. However, the visit of the Minister of defence moved – when he will come and will come, if at all, is unknown. Meanwhile, explosions continue to be heard, but became less frequent. Local return to their destroyed homes.
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