Surfaced unexpected details about the life of Jeanne Friske: injustice to the singer strikes

The singer of this level in life was complaining about some difficulties. About them told her friend.

It is reported that a friend of the late singer Zhanna Friske, is known at the beginning of the two thousandth’s the singer Nikita, told how a long period of time he worked with popular producer Yuriy ajzenshpisom, who died 14 years ago. Also we are talking about his familiarity with Friske, reports LigaNews with reference to teleprogramma.

The ex-singer told me that at a time when it was popular, the salary of the actors left much to be desired. According to him, a large part of the fee for performances got the producer, and the artists – only “crumbs”.

Also, the former singer said that other artists, the situation was even worse than him. Nikita gave the example of the group “Brilliant”, which at that time were now deceased Zhanna Friske.

“I Zhanna Friske complained that they receive a penny for their performances, and I had a salary even higher than the “Shiny”, so I then, in fact, was a sin to complain,” said Nikita.

It is also known that after Joan was seriously ill, her son was taken away by relatives. When Jeanne did not, Dmitry Shepelev, the father of Plato, took his son to himself and to this day not allowed to see his relatives.

After long quarrels with TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, the father of Jeanne Friske, Vladimir Kopylov decided to compromise. He decided because of the great desire to see your grandchild. For the sake of Frisco intends to give Shepelevo part in a country house, which for a long time is a bone of contention.

As previously reported LigaNews, In the family of Natalia Friske is coming again difficult test. It is also known that Dmitry Shepelev snap off in full for their “sins” before his late wife Jeanne Friske.
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