Scientists caught the acid-orange bird-the chatterer from Nibiru, arriving from 2119 year

Experts reported identifying a messenger arrived from the mysterious planet X.

While the representatives of official science dramatically deny the existence of Nibiru, some conspiracy theorists suggested they look closely at the neighborhood of Pluto. Caught a recent creation, which initially took as unidentified kind of parrots turned out to be an alien creature. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

This incident was preceded by the attack on Area 51 organized by the reptilians from Nibiru.

It should be noted that at the end of last month, the waves of the sea of Okhotsk has already made the monster from planet X on coast, and superstitious inhabitants of Russian cities are completely speechless after seeing religious omen left by a devastating cosmic body. It is through the capture of birds with acid-orange plumage were able to confirm that in the year 2119 Blue planet will suffer the consequences of a nuclear confrontation.

Oil to fire was added by the fact of revealing the baby with Venus, who was still alive after a collision with planet X. Ufologists claim that, despite the lack of information from the mysterious creatures, they soon learn why the Anunnaki sent the talker in such a distant past.
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