Scientists have recreated the perfume of the ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

Ученые воссоздали древний парфюм египетской царицы Клеопатры

Scientists at the University of Hawaii at Manoa has recreated the scent of an ancient perfume, which most likely was used by Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and which is associated with legends of the country. It is reported portal @ Smithsonianmag.

Excavations were conducted on the island of Tait. The researchers stumbled upon the ruins of the homes of local perfumer, in the fragments of vessels which were the remains of ancient spirits. Through chemical analysis, scientists were able to recreate two flavors, cited in historical sources — malopinsky and medesinski.

The resulting flavors were very strong and persistent, with a hint of musk, informs television channel “Star”. They included resin trees of the family burzanovic, growing on the Arabian Peninsula and the horn of Africa in Somalia. Also, the expert noted that in the composition of perfume with cinnamon, cardamom and olive oil.

According to legend, Cleopatra, before the visit of her beloved Marc Antony in Tarsus, spirits doused the sails of her ship so abundantly that the Roman General felt the aroma from afar.

On 17 July the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt announced the start of restoration of the gilded sarcophagus of king Tutankhamun, who lived more than 3.3 thousand years ago. After completion of his plan to exhibit in one of the rooms of the Grand Egyptian Museum near the Giza pyramids.
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