Prices have increased minimally

Evidence that housing has risen so much that ceased to be available to most potential buyers, may be the fact that the S&P index CoreLogic Case-Shiller, reflecting the situation in 20 cities since may of last year has increased for 12 months, only 2.4%, and in April its growth was 2.5%, which is also extremely little.

“Prices increased for many years, and now very few people have the means to pay as much as require the sellers, the economist noted Matthew Speckman of the company Zillow. — Too few turned out to be homes that are available and generally are based on the real market”.

The smallest annual price rise was observed in cities where real estate is more expensive — so in Los Angeles, new York, San Diego and San Francisco it was less than 2%. And if in Seattle in may 2018, an increase by 13.6%, while since then, and even declined by 1.2%.

The largest price increase was in Las Vegas (6.4 percent), Phoenix (5.7 percent) and Tampa (5,1%). Moreover, the National Association of realtors did not rule out that the price increase was only possible due to the reduction in interest rates on Morrigan.
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