Trump vs Cummings

The President was accused of racism because of criticism of the Congressman from Baltimore.

The leaders of the Democratic party has accused Donald trump of racism over a series of tweets in which the President had criticized Elijah Cummings, Congressman, an African American representing in the lower house of Congress, the Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland.

The President has published a series of tweets in which he called Cummings a “rude bully”. Trump advised the Congressman to focus on solving the problems of residents of the district which he represents, instead of criticizing the work of Customs and immigration on the border with Mexico.

Cummings is Chairman of the oversight Committee of the house of representatives. On Thursday, the Committee allowed Cummings to force in Congress and the White house staff, including Ivanka trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Congressmen are investigating possible violations of legislation in the sphere of public document.

Last week the acting Minister of internal Affairs Kevin Macalino spoke at the hearings in Congress. During the meeting, Cummings accused the Agency of creating unbearable conditions in which the boundary contains illegal migrants.

Trump remembered on Twitter about the incident. “Congressman Elijah Cummings acting like a rude bully, yelled and screamed at the guards… because of the conditions (of the migrants) on the southern boundary, while the (conditions of life) in the Baltimore-D.C. area is much worse and more dangerous. His district is considered the worst in the United States. On the border is clean, it is effectively and well managed, there’s just a lot of people. District Cummings – nasty, full of rats and rodents are a mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, he could help in cleaning up this very dangerous and dirty place,” wrote the President.

Trump wondered where the missing money allocated from the Federal budget for the district of Cummings, which includes the Central part of Baltimore – “the most dangerous place in the United States,” according to trump. The President wrote that “no one wants to live there” and offered to investigate this “corrupt mess”.

The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi accused the President of racism. She called Cummings a fighter for civil rights and economic equality, adding: “We all condemn the racist attacks on him and support his strong leadership.” In defense of the Cummings also said the Senator Kamala Harris and the legislator Joaquin Castro.

Cummings said the President tweeted: “Mr. President, I daily visit your district. Every morning I Wake up and go to fight for their neighbors. Oversight of the Executive branch of government is my constitutional duty. However, I have a moral obligation to struggle for (the right) of my constituents”.

The mayor of Baltimore Bernard Yang called rhetoric trump “hazardous”.

“It is absolutely unacceptable when a political leader of our country and slandering such a rapidly growing city like Baltimore, and attacks the legislator Elijah Cummings – a patriot and a hero,” the mayor wrote.

Cummings represents the 7th district of Maryland, where 54.6 per cent of the population is African American and the median household income is 51 018 thousand dollars. In West Baltimore, the most disadvantaged area of the city, which is also included in the district Cummings – this income is equal to 28 589 dollars, and the unemployment rate is 10% (data Bureau of the census for the year 2016). The average unemployment rate in Maryland is 4.5%.

West Baltimore is one of the most troubled American cities in terms of security. Every year there occur 12 132 crimes per 100 thousand inhabitants (the average for U.S. – 2745), and 55.8 murders per 100 thousand population (the us average level and 5.3). These data are presented in a Uniform report on crime compiled by the FBI.

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