Advisor to the President of the United States has accused Russia of stealing ideas

John Bolton said that Russia spends a lot of money on defense, despite the fact that its economy is comparable to the Dutch economy.

Assistant to the President for national security John Bolton made a strong statement. Bolton said that Russia “stole” many of the technologies in Washington. In particular, according to him, it is including about the creation of hypersonic weapons.

Accusations of theft were made in the context of a comment on the incident at a military site near Severodvinsk. Bolton suggested that Russia borrowed ideas from the United States and, based on them, has designed new types of hypersonic vehicles and hypersonic cruise missiles.

“Despite the fact that Russia’s economy is comparable to the Netherlands, she spends enough money on defense. And not only for the modernization of nuclear weapons but also the creation of new types of delivery — missiles with hypersonic gliding block, hypersonic cruise missiles, much of the stolen U.S. technology,” quoted today’s edition of esquire Bolton, citing the radio station “Voice of America”.

Previously, Donald trump, commenting on the state of emergency under the Severodvinsk, supported version of American experts that the site blew up a cruise missile with a nuclear reactor Burevestnik presented in 2018. While trump said that the United States has “similar but more advanced technology.”

A state of emergency under the Severodvinsk happened on 8 August. During the rocket engine explosion that claimed the lives of five professionals. They were all employees of “Rosatom”.

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