Hong Kong protesters waving US flags and singing the American national anthem

The video in social networks Hong Kong residents waving American flags and singing the U.S. national anthem through a megaphone during a protest against the control of China.

Member of the U.S. house of representatives Dan Crenshaw has posted a video with the singing citizens wrote:

Hong Kong is a modern struggle between tyrannical rule and free democracy. Protesters stand in the face of violence in the struggle with the authoritarian regime of China. They remind us why we value our freedom in America and should stand on their side as they fight for their [freedom]“.

Demonstrators took to the streets of Hong Kong in June in response to the proposed bill on extradition, which would give the defendants to China for prosecution.

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Although the bill was suspended after the initial shares, the protests lasted more than two months, as frustrated citizens showed their opposition to control by China. And on Tuesday, August 13, police on protection of a public order even stormed the airport in Hong Kong, where protesters gathered for a second day.

Protests in Hong Kong: participants waving American flags and singing the U.S. national anthem last updated: August 14, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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