Chemists have created a new form of carbon in the form of a ring

Химики создали новую форму углерода в виде кольца

Scientists have synthesized a molecule of cyklokarpon, the structure of which is a ring of 18 carbon atoms.

Carbon is known for being able to take a variety of forms. When the atoms bond with four neighbors, it becomes a diamond. Three chemical bonds to turn it into graphene. Swiss and British chemists started with a triangular loop consisting of 18 carbon atoms with two groups of carbon monoxide in each corner. Then the tip of the atomic force microscope removed the group of monoxide, leaving only the 18-carbon ring. The new molecule is now known as cyklokapron and is the smallest stable carbon ring of all.

According to the researchers, the carbon ring also has a high reactivity, which allows you to connect it with other carbon and oxygen rings. It has helped to synthesize a new compound and opened opportunities for the creation of many new ring-shaped structures that may one day be used in electronics and other nanodevices.
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