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After a data breach led to the fact that information about more than 100 million customers of Capital One Bank, applied for credit cards in the hands of hackers is justified concern for the safety of their information. Fortunately, to ensure that it is easy enough.

You first need to study the reports of payments and transactions to detect suspicious activity. You should also study the credit report to find out whether in your name the account is opened or a card is issued. And if there is any doubt, you should immediately notify the Bank.

Very important step is to freeze your credit reports, which will then lose access to everything, including the Bank itself. According to Ted Rossman, site Analytics is a free service, but an application can be submitted online or by phone. It carries out all the major agencies — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

The problem is that in this case restrictions in the banking service encounter and the customer. To avoid this, Daniel Markeson, an expert on digital security company VPN, it is recommended to contact the credit Bureau and take advantage of the system of prevention of fraud. If it works, the financial institution will verify the customer’s identity when trying to obtain a new loan.

And finally, it is not necessary for years to use the same password and additional protection can be secured by the system of two-level authentication when logging into personal accounts.
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