Racist or not?

Sociologists from Winnipegthe University conducted a survey which showed that after the attacks President Donald trump address 4 Congresswoman representing ethnic minorities, and the characteristics of Baltimore as a “disgusting, rat-infested city,” a slight majority of Americans came to the conclusion that he is a racist.

This opinion is shared by 51% of respondents (2 percentage points more than last year), while 45% do not think so, and 5% undecided. The objectivity of the trump I am sure 91% of Republicans and only 8% called him a racist, while among Democrats the opposite situation is observed — respectively, 9 and 86%. The biggest “disparity” is observed among independent voters: the President considered racist 56%, and 38 believe that it is not.

That the head of state, shared the racist views, sure 80% of African Americans and 55% of “Latinos”, but 50% of whites don’t think so, and in this category are more of them than opponents.

There is a difference and depending on gender identity: the racist trump called 41% men and 59% of women did not agree with them, respectively, 55% and 36%. Speaking of white, the least inclined to consider the President a racist man (spoke about it so 38%, while the share of opponents was 58%), and among women the rates were 44 and 53%.

Among the faithful supporters opinions on the impropriety of trump’s statements were in the minority — so consider 21% of the Evangelical Christians and 48% of Catholics, while his objectivity sure about 76 and 50% of the representatives of these groups. Among non-religious people are the majority, by contrast, are the President’s opponents — their share amounted to 63%.

In addition, the poll conducted by Fox News showed that 57% of trump accused in contempt for racial minorities (34% disagree), and 64% believe that the remarks of the delegates of the Congress invalid.

According Winnipegthe University, in General, the behavior of politicians has drawn criticism from voters. 88% believe that in the fight opponents forget about the basic rules of politeness, and this opinion was equally shared by Democrats, Republicans, and independent. 45% said in the first place behaves as the trump, and 34% of the respondents condemned the Democrats.

The immigration policy of the President 49% said “genuine concern about border security,” and 41% — a manifestation of his bias against the minorities. 51% of all respondents called the conditions in paragraphs immigration detention inhumane, and 68% believe it’s a serious issue, and among Democrats the figure is 91%, with independent rate coincides with the General, and among Republicans is 42%, despite the fact that 1 point more than those who call not to give the situation much attention.

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