Epstein house was a strange picture of bill Clinton in a dress and red heels.

From Jeffrey Epstein was oil painting with a picture of bill Clinton in a blue dress and red high heels, Flirty, sitting on the chair in the oval office.

“It was hanging in a conspicuous place in the room on the right. — claims referring to a source, The Post — Everyone who saw her was laughing and grinning”.

Parsing Bill

The painting, which is called Parsing Bill was written and sold by a new York artist named Petrina Ryan of Clad. The picture of the house Epstein of the same size and, presumably, also painted in oil, although it may be print. Not clear, did Epstein original painting or made a copy.

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The dress sits a former President of the United States, is strikingly similar to that put Hillary Clinton in 2009 to award Kennedy and, besides, the infamous dress of Monica Lewinsky that became evidence during the investigation of her relationship with Clinton.

Bill’s pose in the picture, with the index finger to the viewer, refers to the propaganda posters with Uncle Sam during the First world war.

Donald trump was interested in whether you can buy Greenland

Donald trump repeatedly raised the issue of the ability to buy Greenland from the Danish government, and the White house counsel has examined this possibility. The island government, however, stated on Friday, August 16, that will not happen: …
August 16, 2019, 10:36

The famous poster of Uncle Sam: I want you for U.S. Army

In mansion and Epstein had a lot of unusual interior. From the ceiling 66-year-old billionaire was hanging mannequin dressed in a wedding dress. Vanity Fair wrote that the wall in the lobby, it is decorated lined up in neat rows eyeballs, made-to-order in the UK. One of the visitors of the house remembers a chess Board with figurines that look exactly like one of their employees Epstein and dressed was very impressive.

On the second floor of Epstein admired the mural on which he is depicted in the prison yard surrounded by barbed wire, surrounded by prison guards and lookout towers. According to friends, he said,”It’s me and it’s drawn because it’s so nice to be there“.

In Hillary’s dress and heels: Home Epstein hung well, very strange portrait of bill Clinton updated: August 15, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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