The doctor said that she needed to lose weight after childbirth — but it turns out she has cancer

Tweeted a young mother from California, told how a second opinion saved her life after the first doctor just recommended to lose weight after childbirth.

“You want a crazy story? I gave birth to, and in the tests I had protein in the urine during and after pregnancy. It’s bad. The doctor said that I need to lose weight and everything goes. I decided to listen to a different opinion. It turned out to be cancer of the bone marrow”.

Jen Curran, 38, had high blood pressure and protein in urine during second trimester of her first pregnancy. She was diagnosed with preeclampsia and ordered 3 months bed rest. Jen writes that it was a great 3 months: she was putting jigsaw puzzles, revised “the West Wing” and “breaking bad”. Until the end of pregnancy all was quiet, and she was born a beautiful girl, rose. However, analyses of women was far from ideal and the attending doctor insisted that she thought after giving birth to a nephrologist.

Two months after birth, the nephrologist noted that the level of protein in the urine does not become lower. On the contrary, it was higher than before pregnancy, but the pressure is back to normal. The doctor recommended her to lose weight: diet and physical activity had, in her opinion, to solve all the problems. After 4 months Jen had to return for a second inspection.

Curran, as a person whose excess weight has been a big part of his life, knew exactly what the problem is not this, but didn’t argue. She immediately asked for a second opinion: a few weeks the woman pondered, watched what he was eating, counting calories and trying to lose weight, though I was not a supporter of diets. In his youth, Jen even worked on a documentary about how the constant desire to lose weight and different diets can easily poison the life. So she was aware of the smallest details of nutrition. Curran lost weight before but the last 15 years was all the time in the same weight.

Jen decided to find a second opinion and consult another doctor. The new nephrologist was sure that no amount of diet and exercise will not correct the situation and sent her for a biopsy. At first glance, a kidney biopsy gave nothing, but it was early to celebrate. In the analyses had a lot of light chains of immunoglobulins. Jen was sent to a hematologist-oncologist and after the bone biopsy she was diagnosed with myeloma.

Curran says that with all this, it is a completely normal feeling, if not protein in the urine, she wouldn’t have to worry about your health. She ain’t 40 years old, and her 5-month-old baby, life is just beginning and there is still a lot of plans.

“And that would be, I did not recognize the other opinion? I have a few weeks I will be on chemotherapy for the time had to go back to the first doctor. And who knows how much more time did it take to diagnose?”

Bone marrow cancer — is not what she expected, but Curran is ready to fight.

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It expects 6 months of chemotherapy followed by stem cell transplantation and at least 2 years of medical treatment and monitoring. Most importantly, make sure that the cancer has not spread to other parts of her body.

August 13, Curran started the first course of chemotherapy.

The doctors hope that Jen is in remission. Curran and her husband are the regulars, so they will pay for insurance out of pocket. Friends have decided to help and opened a fundraising platform GoFundMe.

“Jen is very unique. — write her friends — She’s a comedian, storyteller, teacher and improviser. She is a feminist, happy mother’s dogs, cats and small rose, a coffee lover and know-it-all”.

“The moral of the story is this. Lose weight on health. — said Jen — But if you think you have serious problems, and the doctor says should lose weight and everything goes, find another doctor and listen to another opinion.”

“And you are your biggest advocate. Listen to your body, trust him and follow your instincts. Don’t be afraid to question the authority of your doctor!”

The doctor told a new mother that she needs to lose weight just after delivery. Then she learned that she had cancer updated: Aug 16, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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