Near the Aleutian Islands found the missing 77 years ago, the submarine USS Grunion – frames

American experts during the exploration of the depths of Alaska managed to bump into the submarine USS Grunion, which terrified the enemies during the Second world war.

On account of the above combat units have a sinking two Japanese boats. However, this victory was sudden, as on the way to Dutch Harbor, she disappeared from all radars. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported that the hieroglyphs of the great pyramid concealed a picture of summarysummary.

After 77 years the submarine was able to find. A fragment of the boat was identified at a depth of 820 meters in the Aleutian Islands. The discoverers of the phenomenon are the experts of the scientific project Lost 52 Project, the main destiny of which is the search for the 52 submarines that were lost in the depths during the Second world war.

Once the scientists saw the outline of a submarine, they used the capabilities of Autonomous underwater vehicles and advanced photogrammetric technology to make the most realistic 3D fighting units of the U.S. army. To identify the sub failed due to the collision of the submarine with the local underwater volcano. After studying the bottom, approximately 400 metres from the main wreckage, was found the missing piece, namely the nose units.
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