Why trump was going to buy Greenland

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed a desire to acquire the island of Greenland.

Greenland is an Autonomous territory belongs to Denmark.

About the possibility of buying the largest island in the world, trump asked his advisers. Us President attracts rich resources and a special place in the context of geopolitics.

While the US has repeatedly “eyeing” to the island. The first attempt dates back to the 19th century, but then the United States eventually became the owners of Alaska. After world war II, Harry Truman offered to Denmark for the island of a hundred million dollars, but the Danish side refused.

The current occupant of the White house even launched a legal examination of this project. Some of trump’s advisers said his plan is economically feasible, while others believe that it is only “a passing fancy”.

An important motive in this “acquisition” is seen to get the keys from the Arctic. The American leader did not give rest to the active actions of Russia and China on the Arctic exploration, while the US influence in the region can not boast.

At the moment in Denmark also did not appreciate the approach trump to Greenland as a “real estate”. The representative of the Danish people’s party, Soren Espersen believes that the idea of selling Greenland is absolute madness. According to him, the relevant intentions trump can be perceived only as a joke. However, Jespersen said, if trump was serious, “this is the final proof that he had gone mad.”

MP from Greenland in the Danish Parliament Aya Chemnitz Larsen stressed that her island “is not a commodity”. She noted that Greenland belongs to the Northern Europe, in connection with which there are concerns about what kind of society will be on the island if he actually becomes American.

In addition, in Greenland and Denmark do not want the militarization of the island and less independence for the Greenlandic people.
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