Robotic shorts will help longer run and less ultravate

Роботизированные шорты помогут дольше бежать и меньше устравать

American inventors gave the robotic sportswear, which will help to make exercise more effective, but less energy. First in the line of clothing appeared in bike shorts.

In them, as presented in the company you run or do brisk walk. Using a special robot inserts the athlete reduced energy costs, making it possible to cover a greater distance.

While running remained 4% of the energy when walking — 9%. Until a test sample shows insignificant results, but the developers explained that the figures will be increased several times.

The exosuit weighs 5 kg and consists of two fabric parts, arranged at the hips. The hip tied with a cloth belt. The cables running from the belt, and stimulate the thigh to help stretch the legs in motion.

Ramoshorta you know, when a person runs or quietly talking. It helps you to determine the sensors located on the torso and hips.

The motor unit on the back of the costume begins to pull the cable just before the front leg user hits the ground, helping the leg extension, thus reducing the amount of energy — explained by scientists.

In the framework of testing the developers tested the suit on the nine participants who were asked to exercise on a treadmill. They had to go 450 meters in 5 minutes and 750 metres run 5 minutes, both with enabled and disabled the suit.

Despite the extra weight of the suit, the participants did not feel the heavy load. In the future, developers plan to ease the suit.

This small experiment confirmed the effectiveness of the prototype, from which in the future will work out tracksuit.

Developers assume that their device will be used by people whose work involves heavy physical loads. For example, lifeguards, firefighters and military personnel.
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