“PR nightmare of the Kremlin” — French media about Moscow rally

Monday, August 12, the French press publishes articles devoted to the rally on Sakharov Avenue. We will remind, it was held on Saturday, August 10. This action, unlike the previous two, managed to negotiate with the Moscow authorities, however, according to OVD-info, about 250 people were detained after the rally.

According to the “White counter”, at the rally attended by about 50 thousand people. According to the data released by the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, the event was attended by about 20 thousand. “The Sakharov Avenue was filled during the peak moments of the protests of 2011-2012”, — writes on Monday, the newspaper Le Figaro in an article entitled “the Kremlin is powerless to rein in the growing protest.” “Growing” because of the demands of the protesters no longer restricted only to registration of independent candidates in the elections to the Moscow city Duma. The publication notesthat many of the participants of the rally on Sakharov Avenue came not only from political motives, but also to Express dissatisfaction with the methods, which the power applied to the protesters, or, for example, to speak out against the leadership of some universities threatening expulsion coming to meetings to students.

And Le Figaro, and Libération called last August 10 meeting — “test values” for opposition politicians. The fact that the leaders of the opposition and independent candidates, which refused to register for elections in Moscow on Sakharov Avenue was absent, as he was detained for periods ranging from 10 to 30 days. Love Sable, for example, were detained on the eve of the rally. In the absence of political leaders at the fore of intellectual and creative elite in all its diversity, whether the writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya, journalist Leonid Parfenov or hip-hop by Oxxxymiron. The publication statedthat it did not affect people’s desire to come to share.

“This unity government obviously did not expect, it once again casts doubt on its strategy on this issue that was initially harmless”, — write Newspapers. They remindthat the Moscow city Duma is not so influential on so scheduled for early September election had all the chances to pass relatively unnoticed, “if the mayor of the Russian capital Sergey Sobyanin and the election Commission allowed independent candidates to participate in the elections and maybe to 4-5”.

But the authorities made a choice in favor of a different tactic: “apparently, very tense now the Central government it is inconceivable that non-systemic opposition is entered in the classic political game”. “The Kremlin chose the power of dialogue and came face to face with a movement that is gaining strength”, — formulates a powerful strategy correspondent for Libération. The number of police and Riot police on the streets of Moscow in day of meeting the author of the article compares with what you see in Hollywood dystopia. The publication cites the opinion of many experts, who believe that “the repressive response of the Russian system, in which security forces have prohibitive weight, is branding disaster of the Kremlin.” Especially a week before the meeting between President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, is scheduled for August 19.

“While there is no hint that the government will reduce efforts to intimidate”, — says Le Figaro. The newspaper reminds about caught in the free access on the Internet the list of people detained since the beginning of protests. “As if to expose them to repressive actions from the government, employers or, in the case of students,administration of universities,” writes the newspaper. In Moscow the journalist of Le Figaro, also in his text saysthat shortly before 10 August, he among many other people received the sms-message asking to join the groups of provocateurs were in the crowd of protesters. The organizers of the rally on their pages in social networks wrotethat such messages by themselves are a provocation, as “violence during a peaceful event plays into the hands of only the government.”

Against the background of these events a special — dystopian — sounding, according to the authors of the articles, gets the fact that Vladimir Putin has not commented on the protests. “Whence, perhaps, the caution of his subordinates in the absence of the General line”, suggests Le Figaro. A day of protests on Sakharov Avenue, the President was in the Crimea: he arrived in Sevastopol on bike-show “the Shadow of Babylon”, organized by the motorcycle club “Night wolves”. Libération writesthat “the footage of Putin posing with old, pretty battered by bikers, was impressive.”

In his speech in Crimea, the Russian President expressed satisfaction with what example bikers serves Russian youth. “Not the fact that young people gathered in Moscow with placards and flags, profess the same values,” doubts Libération.
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