70 years on the spikes — Adidas celebrated the anniversary

Sunday, August 18, the anniversary was celebrated firm of sports apparel, footwear and equipment Adidas. She was 70 years old.

The founder of the brand, the Bavarian Adolf Dassler with his brother Rudolf in the years after the First World war was engaged in making shoes for athletes with disabilities. After the war, material goods were often old military uniforms and tires. In 1924, the brothers were able to open in his hometown of Herzogenaurach, a small factory, and in 1925 Adolf invented the first model of studded boots. Since 1928, the athletes began to perform in shoes Dassler in international competitions. Products became more and more recognizable, and the brothers opened a second factory.

After the Second world war, Adolf and Rudolf had a fight and shared the business — everyone got to plant. The brothers agreed that none of them will use the old “family” name of the company “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” (“Shoe factory of brothers of Dassler”). In the end, Rudolph founded the company Ruda, which later became Puma. And Adolf Dassler on 18 August 1949 founded the company, which is called by the first syllable of his name and surname: Adidas. She began to produce not only shoes, but also clothes and sports equipment.

Adidas active growth occurred after 1954. By the time Dassler figured out how to make his famous model of boots easier. This shoes with logo in the form of three bands preferred the German football team became the strongest on a world championship in Switzerland. Then in 1956, the company has received from the International Olympic Committee resolution on advertising during the Olympic games in Melbourne. The group opened production in Norway, France, came to the American market. In 1970, produced by ADI Dassler ball Telstar was the official ball of the world Cup in Mexico, and two years later, Adidas has been the main sponsor of the Munich Olympics.

After the death of the founder and his heirs, in 1989 a majority stake in Adidas acquired French businessman, Bernard Tapie. He then resold the shares to the group of French investors. They managed to start a new round of growth: the group has absorbed a number of other manufacturers of sports equipment, clothing and shoes such as Salomon Sports, and Reebok.

Currently, Adidas is number two in the world market after its main competitor — Nike. If in 1949 from ADI Dassler was 47, now Adidas is the employer of 57 thousand people. Some of them comes up with new designs, often inspired by the models that come during the life of the founder of the group. Also, the company often invites to the collaboration of famous musicians such as Pharrell Williams and Beyonce.

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