Boris Johnson and his family are on different sides of the barricades

Boris Johnson took office as Prime Minister of great Britain. Charismatic, energetic, eccentric Johnson is today probably the most famous British politician. Few people know that the brother and sister of the new Prime Minister is also engaged in politics. Both are strong supporters of a United Europe.

Boris Johnson likes to talk about their Muslim, Christian and Jewish roots. His father Stanley Johnson on the paternal side — the grandson of the journalist and the last interior Minister of the Ottoman Empire, Ali Kemal, and on the maternal side, a descendant of king George II. The new British Prime Minister, born in new York city have family ties with most of the Royal families of Europe.

Stanley Johnson was ironically, one of the first British officials who received the post in the European Commission after the accession of the UK to the European economic community in 1973. For many years Johnson Sr. remained supporter of a United Europe, in 1979-1984 year he held the post of member of the European Parliament and did not support the idea Brekzita in 2016, but in 2017 changed their views.

All four children Johnson, Sr. received a prestigious education. All four of us worked as journalists, and then three of them — Boris Johnson, his sister Rachel and brother Joe got into politics, but found themselves on different sides of the barricades.

An ardent supporter of leaving the EU, Boris Johnson a year ago, resigned from the post of Minister of foreign Affairs in connection with disagreement with the position of ex-Prime Minister Theresa may, whose policies he believed hard enough. In his letter to may, he wrote that “the dream of Brucite dying.”

Four months later his younger brother, 47-year-old Joe Johnson, who served as Minister of transport, also resigned, and also because of disagreements on Bracito, but in the opposite sense. He advocated the holding of a second referendum to abolish Brickset and stay in the EU. The brothers said that despite political differences, remain “United in their outrage”.

The younger sister of Boris Johnson’s 53-year-old Rachel Johnson in his outrage went even further and 19 Feb undressed in a live TV channel Sky News in protest against Brekzita. She expressed the hope that thus her voice “be heard”. Former TV presenter joined the Pro-European parties Change UK and headed its list for the elections to the European Parliament. The party, however, failed to make the EP any Deputy.

Observers note that the political rift in the Johnson family, in a sense, symbolizes a situation in which the UK, 52% of citizens who voted for Brickset.

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