The autopsy billionaire pedophile has puzzled experts

Вскрытие миллиардера-педофила озадачило специалистов

Multiple bone fractures in the neck found at autopsy American financier Jeffrey Epstein, accused of child trafficking sex slaves. This was reported by the newspaper The Washington Post, citing sources familiar with the results.

In particular, the billionaire turned out to be a broken hyoid bone. As noted, this injury can get suicidal older age, but more often it occurs in those who are strangled. The newspaper points out that the discovery compounding the mystery about the circumstances of the death of Epstein.

An autopsy conducted by the office of the chief medical examiner of new York Barbara Sampson (Sampson Barbara). The cause of death in the documents not yet provided, and it turns out. Sampson stressed that a convincing reason why any single fact does not.

Sources The Washington Post noted that experts are trying to get more information about the last hours of life Epstein. In particular, it is important to know, did anyone at the camera, and to receive the results of Toxicological studies.

The President of the National Association of medical examiners Jonathan L. Arden (Jonathan L. Arden) in this regard noted that the fracture of the hyoid bone requires a more extensive investigation of the circumstances of death. According to him, it can involve the analysis of loops or data on how did the fall of the body.

Earlier it became known that the chamber Epstein found a rope from prison bed sheets. It was also reported that the guards did not check the man for several hours.

The body of billionaire found on August 10 at about 7:30 in the morning. In July, Epstein already found on the floor of the chamber with markings on the neck, after which prison officers were installed for temporary monitoring him as suicidal.

Epstein was arrested July 6 in new York. He was accused of creating a criminal network that allowed him to sexually exploit and victimize dozens of underage girls. Their crimes, the billionaire has made in 2002-2005. The alleged victims were 14 years old. The man also was charged with witness tampering.
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