“Dad left and you got”: the rating of the misadventures of dictatorial children

Top 5 stories about how life is formed of the descendants of high-ranking politicians: the first presidents of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, the state Secretary of the Romanian Communist party, President of Iraq and Secretary General of Libya, which entered the history of mankind as the greatest dictators of modern times.

The lives of children of influential parents is divided into “before” and “after”. Must be nice to feel almost as omnipotent as Pope in power. Momentary whims and innocent pranks go far beyond the toy store and the neighbor’s yard.

You can get real plants and steamboats, Newspapers and TV channels. Yes, and sadistic tendencies can be implemented “for real” and as the neighbor’s cat turns out to be Olympic champion or athlete is a loser. And Papa dictator will calm daring of brave men who dared to defy a Royal child.

According to the laws of inexorable time period “to” ever ends. Is the Pope to be irrelevant or even to leave the world of the living, as takes effect unpleasant. You can without any compromise to lose free plants and ships. The successor of the father is transformed from good friend to bitter enemy.

There can be no entertainment and quench their inhuman thirst for violence. Have to flee. If fortune and whose all-powerful dad will be supportive, we can quietly and happily somewhere abroad. Be glad that was not tried publicly or thrown in jail like other offspring of preferred fathers.

Gulnara Karimova

The eldest daughter of the late Islam Karimov has experienced the brunt of the righteous anger of the father. Among her many talents include good taste, love the good life and other people’s money. With a light hand of the father, Gulnara Karimova has had a brilliant political career. She was Ambassador to Spain, has represented his country at the UN, an independent analyst and she even predicted the position of father after his death.

Gulnara Islamovna fashion show of her collection of clothing

The daughter of the dictator did everything in a big way in any career sought to Olympus. What is “the Fund of culture and art”, which opened representative offices in ten countries on all continents, excluding Africa. She liked to be the center of attention. The best way to do this – forums, political meetings, thematic sessions and exhibitions. Still using them convenient to launder money and receive bribes.

It is worth mentioning the vocal and artistic talent of the girl. She writes poetry, sings, acted in music videos. Her passion to design clothes and jewelry resulted in the development of its own brand “GULI”. The company held regular fashion shows clothes in Milan, Moscow, new York. The firm made natural cosmetics recipes the Avicenna.

The daughter of the Uzbek President sang under the pseudonym Googoosha

Everything worked and was easy, yet ambitious daughter no sights on the presidency. Here intervened the people of “special bodies”, which gave the Pope a dossier with incriminating evidence about the billions of dollars of kickbacks, extortion and embezzlement. The report contained harsh summary: Gulnara Karimova chose unsuitable for Muslim women way of life. A huge scandal erupted.

Gulnara Karimova in September 2014

In 2013, Karimova lost the business, but that was only the beginning. Ahead of her was waiting for the criminal investigation, house arrest, divorce and termination of parental rights. And in 2015, the daughter of Karimov, was sentenced to five years of imprisonment. Now 46-year-old Gulnara is imprisoned in a three-hour drive from Tashkent. The new President Shavkat Mirziev hardly interested in the fact that it was released in the near future. Although to get her nowhere — she has recently lost an appeal in a Swiss court and are unable to regain their “blood” 800 million dollars.

Murad Niyazov

Son of Turkmenbashi did not like to show off in public. It entirely took the trade. Murad in the days of the USSR, married the daughter of the head. the Department, though easy, but still industry. He was married three times. Using the auspices of his father, he completely monopolized the import and liquor business. With his light hand sold everything: tanks, gas, Karakul.

However, he carried on business from Leningrad, where his father sent him immediately after graduation. One time he had dual citizenship. When the question was squarely, Murad became a citizen of Russia. He shied away from politics and settled for a position in the transport Prosecutor’s office.

A former member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, and Always the Great Serdar Saparmurat Turkmenbashi

Pretty soon the heir to the throne moved to live in Vienna, using his official position third wife, which was arranged by the assistant to the Ambassador in Austria. Father trusted him to negotiate the establishment of trade and economic cooperation with other countries.

Murad is widely loved Tay. Because of this, he became the center of scandal when it was down $ 12 million at the casino of Madrid and 20 million in Ankara. During the second incident he was detained until the debt is paid. The scandal was hushed up only after the personal intervention of an influential father, who repaid the debt carousing heir.

Son of Turkmenbashi Murad at the funeral of his father in 2006. Right — Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. A frame with the screen of the Turkmen television

Murad Niyazov was almost the second President of Turkmenistan after the death of his father in 2006. The opposition has mixed the cards and he never ascended the throne, retreated back to Vienna. Rumor has it that his rival Nawaz Sharif is the illegitimate son of the late ruler. Whatever it was, the new President came to power, deprived Murad Niyazov business.

For some time the disgraced businessman led a secular life. Since 2011, he ceased to appear in the press and appearing at receptions. It is not excluded that the businessman has long gone to the hereafter. His third wife with three children living in Ashgabat and refuses to answer journalists ‘ questions.

Hannibal Gaddafi

Fifth son of the Libyan dictator was known for his temper, which often spoil international relations. The adventures of Hannibal abroad, you can write a crime novel. And all because of the habit of handing out a beating, regardless of place and time. In Switzerland and the UK cops had to subdue and even to arrest of Hannibal Gaddafi.

In Geneva a married couple Gaddafi did not like the service at the hotel. Their dissatisfaction Hannibal with his wife, expressed in the form of severe beatings of employees. Later the Swiss got the charges dropped, that did not prevent to deteriorate international relations with Libya.

Hannibal and his wife Aline

The London police received an emergency call of the wife of Hannibal Gaddafi. The woman called the hotel and begged for help. Cops had to break through the barrier of protection in order to release the victim. The victim was taken to a local hospital with heavy bleeding.

Oddly enough, the wife violent son was also a fighter. Alina often tortured nanny, housekeeper and even his own children. Although, it is rarely encumbered with the upbringing and care of babies. Often belonged to the nanny. Once she paid for, have compassion for the baby and refused to beat her at the request of the cruel mother. As a result, 30-year-old woman from Ethiopia received terrible injuries after Alina starved her to death and doused with boiling water.

Mutilated babysitter Gaddafi family

Hannibal Gaddafi, was not averse to kidnapping to quench your thirst for sadism. His victims were passers-by, workers and even religious leaders. As a student Kopenhaska business school, he beat two migrants, who were forcibly brought to the home of the Libyan Consul. When this was written in the Danish newspaper, he appealed to the court. The Newspapers won the case, because the son of the dictator did not bother to come to the hearing.

Beaten Hannibal Gaddafi, after he was released by kidnappers

Hannibal Gaddafi fled to Algeria during the people’s uprising. His father and several brothers died at the hands of the rebels. In 2015, he had abduction of the Shiite factions. Soon Hannibal was released. Later he was arrested by the task force of the FSB of Lebanon on charges of withholding vital information about the disappearance of a religious leader Moussa al-Sadyr, who disappeared 37 years ago. Sadism is probably not such a good reason for arrest.

Sons Of Saddam Hussein

Leaders unique rankings have a boundless cruelty. The descendants of the dictator is not averse to rape and murder. The sons of the head of Iraq Saddam Hussein tortured and executed his own people. Cruelty became famous eldest son, Uday. Junior – Kusa often kept him company in the bloody entertainment.

Saddam Hussein with sons Uday (left) and Kaseem

The Uday, like a real maniac from a horror movie left on the body a brand of his initials. He was obsessed with violence in all its forms. Most often it was a brutal rape. No victim could not escape or survive. Often in the role of victim was random women, who were kidnapped in broad daylight right on the street.

The Uday was keenly interested in sports and wanted to contribute to the glorification of the country in this field. It is known that he personally tortured and killed several athletes for the defeat in the competition. The bloodthirsty double of Uday named Latif Yahia told how he was tortured boxer, losing a minor battle. Sadist beat and cut the poor. In an effort to humiliate the athlete before he died, he shaved his eyebrows. All this happened in the basement of the National Olympic Committee. The brothers have equipped the building of a special chamber of torture, which vanished without a trace many athletes.

Pictures of dead Uday and Kusay was published in the local press on July 26, 2003.

The fate of the fellow fanatics have developed predictable. When Saddam Hussein was overthrown, the sons of the first paid for his past “antics”. They were killed during the hours-long assault in July 2003. Relatives could not receive the bodies of Uday and Kusay. In the end, the funeral was furnished as befitted their position in society. Most of the population breathed a sigh of relief. Inconsolable was the only gunmen of the army of the dictator.

Nicolae Ceausescu, Jr.

The son of the dictator of Romania can compete with count Dracula cruelty. Only the brothers Hussein can compete with him in this shameful hit parade . It is noteworthy that Nicolae Ceausescu rampaged in times of socialism on the European continent, where such antics are not accepted. Europeans ought not to rape women. Nick also did something like this with all the counter representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

He was obsessed with women in the basest sense of the word and often crossed the line. The case often reached the scandal, if it could happen in socialist Romania. He was severely abused 14-year-old gymnast Nadia Comaneci after she returned to the country with five Olympic medals. The people of Ceausescu, Jr., nicknamed “genius of the Carpathians”.

Legendary Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci

Also younger son of the dictator was obsessed with card games and expensive cars. Every week he shuttled to Las Vegas to quench that thirst. In view of the irrepressible passion of the offspring of the father had imposed a complete ban on card games in Romania. Son lost huge sums of money and get drunk. Not surprisingly, the court in 1989, he could not recall, by whose orders he was shot peaceful demonstrators. But this is it in a drunken stupor gave the inhuman order to shoot at unarmed people.

Ceausescu, Jr. has been on trial for rape, and for financial fraud and the death of 89 people who took to the streets of the Romanian capital to protest. He was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, but was released early because of severe cirrhosis of the liver. People were talking that a few years before his death, he was begging on the station of Bucharest. Cirrhosis rapidly progressed and finished off the unlucky descendant in preparation for surgery on the liver in 1996.
The other children of the dictator he lived longer. Middle daughter Zoe became ill with cancer and died in 2006. She led a secluded life, trying once again not to communicate with others.

NICU Ceausescu in court

The younger, adopted son Valentine also avoids contact with journalists, although reading many lectures in the field of nuclear physics before the American audience. By the way, the athletes of the football club “STAU”, when Valentin Ceausescu appears in the stands, always greeted him with applause. In the distant as he often indulged the team expensive gifts.

In conclusion
Stories teen inhumanity that is covered by the powers that fathers are mind-boggling. I remember saying about the Apple and the Apple tree. Just how far the Apple has not rolled doom will come.

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