Radicalism is not in fashion

Since the last presidential elections the “face” of the Democratic party has changed. If then those who called themselves liberal, was, at best, the same as moderate, but now their share has reached about 50%.

In this case the Democrats demonstrate a growing unity of opinion on various issues, whether it be a desire to tighten the laws on gun control, opposition to the Hyde amendment prohibiting the use of Federal funds for abortions except to save the life of the woman or if the pregnancy was the result of incest or rape.

To the greatest extent of this trend is visible in relation to issues of immigration and racial justice — within the last 6 years, the proportion of Democrats who believe that the influx of foreigners coming to the United States increased from 58 to 83% for 2011-2016 of those who believe that African Americans receive less than you deserve, more from 27 to 55%.

The first round of debates between presidential candidates showed that the centrists increasingly supported liberal views, most of them voted for that illegal border crossing ceased to be a criminal offence, and in favor of the abolition of private insurance in the case of the development of the state program of “Medicare for all”. And although not everyone agreed with these suggestions, none of them, at least, is not considered something out of the ordinary.

Not all the ideas of liberals are popular: if the Americans mostly agree that the wealthy should pay more taxes, to convince them of the necessity of abolishing the death penalty or the payment of reparations to the descendants of slaves have not yet succeeded. And other initiatives largely depends on what they provide — so far not everyone agrees to abandon existing policies in case of realization of “Medicare for all”.

However, the “shift to the left” of the Democrats does not cause any rejection. The survey conducted by HuffPost website and company YouGov, showed that the proportion of those who believe the party is too radical, since November 2014 to this day has not changed and is 41%. The share of those who responded to the Republicans in 2015 declined from about 50% to about the same level as that of the Democrats. And only about 10% of the representatives of each of the parties dissatisfied with the ideological changes taking place.

Of course, everyone has their own idea of what “excessive” radicalism, therefore such polls can create a rough impression of the situation. However, from the point of view of electoral strategies, noteworthy that the Republicans are more United — the unity of his party said 61 percent of them, while among Democrats the figure is only 43%. But the latter are more likely to experience confidence in the rightness of their currently elected representatives and configured optimistic in the eve of presidential election since March the proportion of those who expressed at least satisfaction with the list of candidates increased from 68 to 77%.

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