Melted in Antarctica have awakened monsters that can swallow a 150-pound man: stills

The melting of glaciers in Antarctica has provoked the birth of a sinister hybrid of a creature that can eat everything in its path.

Moreover, experts emphasized that the elastic body bag has the ability to absorb 150-pound representative of the stronger sex. In the scientific world announced that the monster has a direct similarity in appearance to human bowel. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First World ocean harbored a monster that lived 180 million years ago.

Melting of glaciers at the poles of the Earth is confirmed by pictures from space, and scientists have warned that the swim can viruses, ancient beings and even unique artifacts. Experts discouraged by the fact that a monster could come to life, even with cold blood. At the moment it is not installed, which diet inherent to this species of monsters.

Supporters of the world conspiracy claim, it is likely that these predators can eat people. Ufologists noted that similar creatures were seen in the Russian capital, where residents said the existence of slugs orange. The appearance of these creatures in the Russian metropolis scares local residents who are simply afraid of being on the street. Also, scientists are unable to classify this species.
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