The French media about the intentions of Johnson: Brickset any price

Thursday, July 25, French newspaper comment on the inauguration of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In the centre of media attention — his promise to provide “any cost” their country’s exit from the EU until October 31.

The newspaper Le Monde recalls that in June 2016, Boris Johnson was surprised by its own victory in a referendum on the issue Brekzita, but refused to lead the country and to engage in “divorce with the EU.” Today, the former London mayor, who was elected to the post of Prime Minister, promises to provide a way out of the EU until October 31 at any cost, even without an agreement with Brussels. This scenario is the French press calls the “hard Broksita” who can do the London to 33 billion euros. However, the fact that the UK will leave the big European family in the promised Premier time believes less than a third of British. Some observers believe that Boris Johnson will face challenges far more serious than those facing the British Prime Minister in 1945, writes Le Monde.

The newspaper reported that soon Boris Johnson needs to meet with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. Johnson boasts that will be able to seek a review of the key points of the agreement on Brazito, however, according to the French newspaper, 27 countries-EU members can the proposal not to take.

Right Le Figaro begins his article on this topic statement by Michel Barnier, responsible for the negotiations on Bracito from the EU. “We are ready to work,” he said shortly before taking office, Boris Johnson. At the request of London, the head of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier, this weekend can go to Britain for negotiations. If the meeting takes place, then, according to Le Figaro, this will indicate a wish Boris Johnson to quickly find a way out of the protracted “Saga of Brucite”. While Brussels is waiting and in no hurry to give any comments. Yet, according to the right-wing paper, the European Parliament and the European Commission have only to recall the red line, which London can’t do it, and to warn about the consequences Brekzita without an agreement. Although views on this matter from Brussels and London are different.

Continuing the theme of Le Figaro publishes another article which draws attention to the harsh words of Boris Johnson immediately after taking office. He, in particular, stressed that the British are tired of waiting, and promised to “restore confidence in democracy,” following the promises Bracito — without any “but” and “if”.

Describing yesterday the new Prime Minister, the right newspaper recounts how on the way to the Queen’s motorcade Boris Johnson blocked the activists of the “Greenpeace” released in action for the climate. Before his speech on the 10 Downing street was interrupted by the activist shouted the slogan “Stop Brickset!”. Everywhere in the city, including near the Royal Palace, held a protest against the rise to power of Boris Johnson, the opponent of a United Europe.

Left Libération publishes a report with 10 Downing street, where the day before Boris Johnson made a long list of promises in addition to Brekzita related to the growth of investment in education, health, social programs, and improve productivity and average wage, and even improve the living conditions of animals. A strong statement of the new Prime Minister comes amid growing concern, the newspaper notes, even among those who voted for Boris Johnson to become the 14th Prime Minister of Queen Elizabeth II.

The fact that the new Prime Minister will have to tackle difficult issues in equally complex political situation. Left the newspaper reminds that Boris Johnson twice (2008 and 2012) was elected to the post of mayor of London, speaking for the “marriage for all”, greater openness to migration and support for the rights of the LGBT community. However, later, during the campaign before the referendum on Brucite, he held a more hard-line. “What position is he going to choose?” — asks the French edition.

However, according to Libération, citing those who know the new Prime Minister, according to their character and views Johnson is more inclined to a first position, which the newspaper called with politically centrist. However, writes the correspondent of Libération in London, the government will have to find a common language with the most radical of the “brasilero”. In particular, the newspaper pointed to a small Northern Irish Democratic unionist party, ten MPs that gave Johnson a slim majority in Parliament, and the head of the party Arlene foster has expressed the Prime Minister his support. The newspaper clarifies that the party entering against the “marriage for all”, and against abortion.

Special attention of the French press pays to the reaction of Donald trump on the arrival of Boris Johnson to power. The Catholic newspaper La Croix devotes a separate article to the relations of the two politicians, which the publication calls “a warm and concern”. The American President welcomed the election of Boris Johnson for the position of head of the UK government and stated that “it is called the British lion”. “People say it’s good. They love me in there,” said the US President.

La Croix recalls the behavior of Boris Johnson in the scandal surrounding former British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch. He resigned after the media published his diplomatic correspondence, in which he predicted the shameful end of a career trump. The President of the United States acted with sharp criticism against the diplomat and Prime Minister Theresa may. The French newspaper recalls that her successor, Boris Johnson chose not to speak out in support of Ambassador. Against this background, La Croix doubts that the newly elected Prime Minister of great Britain to withstand the pressure of the US President at negotiations on the agreement on free trade zone. Moreover, Boris Johnson, urging their citizens to the necessity of signing such a Treaty, said he did not want to import from the US consumer products of low quality.
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