Experts have found out why the Russians actually use car sharing

Эксперты выяснили, зачем россияне на самом деле пользуются каршерингом

The popularity of short-term rental services of automobiles is steadily gaining momentum in Moscow for six months, there were 24 million trips under this scheme. And now it became known, what are the main motives of those who use car sharing.

A survey conducted by the specialists of GC “Autospeccentre”, showed that in most cases, using the services of short-term rental people solve Parking problems: on the leased machines go, for example, to work in offices, do not have their own Parking spaces. So said 110 people of the 269 respondents? That is, 41%.

Moreover, it is important to understand that if on-site municipal Parking is also not (everyone is busy), it will not superquest any car if your rented Lee. So, we are talking about paying for Parking when physically free space is still there. That is, the scheme is simple: your car is put on all working day and, consequently, paying for it all the time, and carsharing get it to work with almost equal success, just leave “anywhere”, it soon picks up the next user, and you night just as well take the other car. The logic and benefits are obvious.

On the second place in this kind of popularity rating transport capacity of the vehicles: the need to travel great company. On the third trip to the railway station or the airport. This is followed by repair of personal car, emergency travel, and the opportunity to try the car before buying and the like.

Respondents referred to more exotic reasons for using car sharing, for example, wedding, romantic date, Pets or overnight in a strange city.

Service car-share is now presented in 15 cities of Russia 26 operators, but 65% of the total careregular fleet is concentrated in Moscow. It consists mainly of low-end models – for example, Lada Granta, Hyundai Solaris and Volkswagen Polo, however, there are also premium options. For example, in Moscow one of the operators rent the Porsche 911.

Over the past year, the car-share market in our country grew by about five times. However, with more than half of respondents said that they are not ready to completely abandon the private car in favour of rented.
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