Impeachment: Democrats received a stimulus

After a hearing in the House of representatives, some observers believed that at times, the former special Prosecutor Robert Mueller acted so insecure and gave such sweeping answers that now the supporters of removal of impeachment to President Donald Trump do not have grounds to insist on.

However, a week before hearings under the resolution of impeachment was signed by 93 Democrat, whose opinion is not to pay attention to. And, as stated by the Chairman of the legal Committee of the house of representatives Jerrold Nadler, “the press talks about how the looked like Muller, but not about the essence of what he said — that Russia was attacked, and campaign headquarters trump encouraged these actions, and sometimes helped in their implementation.”

Of course, to the Democrats it was known and earlier, however, the testimony of the ex-spectracolor gave them reason to be firm. The first manifestation of this was the claim on behalf of the legal Committee demanding to provide access to materials that Mueller gave to a Grand jury.

It is interesting that the reason is “the investigation in order to determine which articles may be declared impeachment”. In other words, the members of the Committee hinted that the process has already begun — it is only its implementation.

For several months Democrats have argued, should the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi held a vote, the results of which will be clear to inetsirovany whether impeachment proceedings.

In the end, the legal Committee came to the conclusion that it can act on its own — including the fact that he is conducting an investigation, offering all members of Congress only to evaluate the conclusions.

Moreover, just as was done in the 1970s, when investigations into the actions of Richard Nixon was developed on the initiative of the Committee, without a vote, with the participation of all legislators. Not needed it and when we are talking about the removal from office of Federal judges.

Moreover, as noted by Committee member Jamie Raskin, Professor of constitutional law, neither the Constitution nor the regulation does not define what form should be drawn up for the resolution recognizing the existence of cause for removal of the President from power.

And besides, the beginning of this procedure without General voting allows a sigh of relief to Democrats representing districts where a strong sympathy for the conservatives, thus they do not assume any responsibility for the consequences.

According to Nadler, Muller may not be the last high-ranking representative of the authorities, who will be invited to the hearings. Among them may be former chief White house counsel Donald Boston, hope Hicks and other So call ex-spectracure-RA was the end of only the first phase of the investigation against trump.

Now begins the second phase — preparation of the petition of impeachment, which, according to Ruskin, more and more supporters, among them himself.

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