Bargaining is not appropriate: trump has offered Denmark $600 million a year for Greenland

While the Danish authorities to categorically answer “no”, the President of the United States has already determined how much you’re willing to pay for the island.

US President, Donald trump declared serious intentions to buy Greenland. This is not connected with love with the extraordinary nature of the island, and with a single purpose – to place military bases there for the sake of a stronger presence in the Arctic. While the Danish authorities said a sharp “no” and the Royal family, on the contrary, not in the window I see nothing outrageous in the United States called already price you are willing to pay.

“The trump discussed the possibility of offering Danish payments in the amount of $ 600 million a year for the transfer of autonomy to Greenland in perpetuity”, — quotes the translation article in the American newspaper the Washington Post.

Figure is taken not from the ceiling. That’s how much Denmark spends annually on the maintenance of Greenland. About the amount of time the United States was going to make payments, the article doesn’t say. Also in the administration of the American President consider the possibility of additional lump-sum payment to the Treasury of Copenhagen. The amount in this case is not specified.

Anyway, the Americans are already on the scheme when you want to succeed. After the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen has categorically denied possibility of sale of the island, Donald Trumpkin immediately canceled his planned visit to the country.

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