Plant workers said Shell to listen to the speech of trump or left without overtime

On Tuesday, thousands of Union workers at a petrochemical plant Royal Dutch Shell in nearby beaver (PA) made a controversial suggestion: either go listen to the speech of the President of Donald trump, or take an unpaid day off.

“No scans, no charge”

They explained that the presence in the chamber is not required, but only those who come to the 7 a.m. to the plant, will scan your ID and will have to wait until lunch to talk to trump, get paid, — writes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Those who decide not to participate in the event, to be justified, but unpaid absence, the company said, and they will not be entitled to claim for overtime on Friday.

(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

Shell representative ray Fisher explained that work a 56-hour work week and 16 hours overtime. This means that those who listened to the President trump on Friday will receive a salary with overtime, while those who did not come to the meeting, — the usual rate, although on Tuesday nobody worked at the plant. Fisher added that this day was regarded as training: staff attended training on safety, and then met with a guest speaker who was the President of the United States. According to Fisher, for the company it’s a common practice to invite famous people to talk with workers.

One of the Union leaders said that one day of work may cost about $700. In addition, participants had to refrain from shouting, protests, etc., so as not to upset the atmosphere of voluntary tolerance.

It was supposed to be about the economy, but talking about politics

President trump received a warm welcome at the chemical plant. Business Manager Ken a broadband said that in General “the employees are glad that they have a job and a mill built. The President is the President whether we like him or not, we respect his position“.

Trump praised natural gas production, but could not resist and went back to his political opponents. The political colour of the President’s speech to workers at the plant was subjected to sharp criticism in the media. The problem is that the trip to the chemical plant was financed by the taxpayers, and the taxpayers ‘ money cannot be used for political purposes.

In such cases, presidents usually focus on issues of economic development and does not talk about politics. However, trump once again attacked Biden and Warren, said Democrats do not care about Pennsylvania and arrogated to themselves the credit of construction of the plant.

(Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour)

The President said that thanks to his administration today there are two major industrial plant in Louisiana and Pennsylvania. In fact, both were already in the process of preparing for the opening when he took office. The plant in Louisiana had all of the necessary Federal permissions by 2014. Chemical plant in Pennsylvania received approval for the construction and operation in 2015 under Obama.

Trump, referring to a work, and missed the theme of the election campaign, sutev of the third term.

“I’m going to talk to some of your Union leaders to say,”I hope you are going to support trump”. Okay? he said — And if they do not, chase them away because they are not doing their job”.

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