What not to eat for a slim waist. Scientists have created the oil from the water

In tablespoon of this spread contains just 2.8 g of fat, and 25.2 calories. For comparison: in the same amount of the usual butter fat 84% and more than 100 calories. At the same time, in taste diet “maksaminen” almost as good as the original. The consistency and flavor substances are not too different from the density and smell of butter.

Such a miracle — a real salvation for health enthusiasts and those who are watching a figure. It is almost entirely composed of H2O, normal water.

The team of Professor Alireza Abbasfard has developed a new process of emulsification of large amounts of water with the smallest drops of vegetable oil and milk fat. When the production technology of the product does not need stabilizers and other harmful to human health substances. Experts are sure that the product created by them, will be in great demand.

In the future Absured and his colleagues plan to make another breakthrough in the field of food technology to begin to enrich their product dairy and vegetable proteins, so its nutritional value is not inferior to real butter. In addition, experts believe that it is possible to “pump” in their oil, many vitamins that it would be much more useful fat of the prototype.
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