In Moscow again detained the mother of a sick child, for the purchase of medicines

In Moscow customs officers have detained the mother of a child with epilepsy, when she came to the post office to pick up the ordered online drug “Frisium”. On 15 August, said Director of the Fund “House of a lighthouse” Lydia Moniava. According to her, in respect of a detained criminal case.

UPD: TASS with reference to the press service of the UK saysthat women are not a criminal and not criminal case. Later in the customs service clarified, detained Muscovite is a witness in a criminal case of smuggling of psychotropic substances.

Drug “Frisium” from the convulsions of a sick child prescribed by a doctor, says Lydia of Maniava. In Russia, this drug is included in the list of psychotropic substances, the circulation of which is limited. He is not registered and has no equivalent.

According to Moniava, a woman named Elena five hours of questioning at the post office parcel drug confiscated, the house she was searched, seized a computer system unit. Employees of Department on struggle against smuggling of drugs claimed to have “arrested” a woman, but “will enter the position and will not do it,” says Moniava. They said that they know about several parcels with frisionum who came to Moscow.

In July under similar circumstances customs officers detained at the post office Muscovite, mother of four children Elena Bogolyubov. Her severely ill son also need to take anticonvulsant drugs. She told me that doctors advised frisium. Against Elena Bogolubova not to open a criminal case. Then the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is concerned about the situation.

A similar case occurred last year, when arrested the mother of a terminally ill child, a patient of the children’s hospice Catherine Connova who tried to resell the junk medicine with a small amount of diazepam, which is not registered in Russia. The case against her interior Ministry has closed after a wide public resonance.

On behalf of the head of the Ministry of health Veronika Skvortsova, the Russian anti-epileptic League will evaluate the effectiveness of frisium, which recently arrested two mothers of seriously ill children, reports TASS. The League will study “the possibility of replacement of the drug combinations was” in Russia, medicines, the Agency said.

“The house with the lighthouse” gathered information about 2100 patients who take frisium and other non-Russian drugs. Lydia of Maniava sure that the urgent need to bring the parents of terminally ill children under threat of criminal prosecution, to rapidly register it in Russia a number of drugs and to organize targeted purchase.
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