Named the amount, which the United States is ready to offer for the purchase of Greenland

The administration of U.S. President discussed the opportunity to offer Denmark as part of the transaction for the purchase of Greenland every year to pay the island a subsidy of $600 million, according to The Washington Post, citing sources. How old is Washington going to transfer such amounts Denmark, not specified.

In addition, the us government considered the issue of large one-off payment Denmark, the size of which was not specified, provided that the official Copenhagen will agree to cede the territory to the United States.

In mid-August, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources, that Donald trump is interested in buying Greenland. Later, the US President confirmed to reporters that he considers the acquisition of the island “strategically interesting”.

The authorities of Denmark and Greenland strongly opposed to this idea. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has called this idea absurd. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Greenland Ana the Bosom of the Bagger said that the island was not sold, but open for business.

This direct refusal of the intentions of the United States did not like the American side. In the end, trump has canceled a planned visit to Denmark, moving it into the indefinite future. Denmark has called the failure of the trump from the earlier planned meeting as “disrespect to the Danish Queen”, despite the fact that “the United States themselves asked for a visit.”

Edition of the Washington Post calls the desire of the trump purchase island “is the experience of the American President in real estate” and “element of surrealism” and “a rare window into the secret planning of the national security of the White house”.

Greenland – the Earth’s largest island, which is of strategic importance for the development of the Arctic. He also has large reserves of rare earth metals, which are now on the world market mainly supplying China.
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