The robot remains in the space confined by the wall: forced to do Twitter

Robot Fedor on Thursday morning said “Go!” and flew to the ISS. He is now in orbit the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-14”. Docking with the international space station scheduled for August 24. What shows, what’s really important? You can understand, if you look to the details.

Робота Федора в космосе прикуют к стенке: заставили вести твиттер

Most importantly, the manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-14” was launched rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a”. It should replace the used with 2002 rocket “Soyuz-FG”. Why is it important? Just because Russia has carried out launches of manned spacecraft with the launch vehicle, which was an analog control system. Ukrainian. Now, remember — “country-aggressor” on the one hand, “some” on the other… it is Clear that for public policy one, and for other business. Russia and Ukraine are the worst trading partners. But the space is too “sensitive” industry.

Now the “Roscosmos” there was only one “Soyuz-FG”, which will fly in the fall. On the rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a” is already Russian (at least so declared) digital control system. And the fact that the launch was successful — it is very good.

Робота Федора в космосе прикуют к стенке: заставили вести твиттер

As for the payload of a manned vehicle, it is not only a robot Fedor, but the sack of Tula gingerbread. If gingerbread is all clear, then with Fedor not much. The “brains” of the robot from the Russian Fedora, namely, computer software imported. One-third of the 48 engines — imported. Reducers German. Sensors — the Russian, German and American. But metal, plastic and design our.

Робота Федора в космосе прикуют к стенке: заставили вести твиттер

The quality and speed of the flight preparation can be judged by a small fact — Fedor had not got in the ship. I don’t believe that engineers did not know the linear dimensions. I can’t believe they didn’t tell the managers that itch that you can’t cram nevpihuemoe. But the robot was brought into the shop and tried to thrust in the ship. In principle, if you believe Rogozin, he even passed the hatch. But in the armchair of the cosmonaut did not fit. Had to compress at the shoulders.

But to beat Elon musk, apparently, really want. On Tuesday, the head of “Roskosmos” at youth educational forum “Mashuk-2019” said that the appearance of SpaceX, Elon musk was forced to start developing new missiles: “We were complacent, we were doing great, 40% of the launch services market was kept under control, and now the challenge.” About rockets — I don’t know. But in terms of the show “Roscosmos” is trying. Musk at its seven-seat manned reusable spacecraft launched to the ISS mannequin Helen Ripley (the heroine of the movie “Alien”). Rogozin has launched triple disposable “Union” robot Frank.

Робота Федора в космосе прикуют к стенке: заставили вести твиттер

Fedor at the start said “let’s Go!” but a hand was waved. Because his hand fingers inserted between the Russian flag. And going into orbit, even supposedly began writing on Twitter: “the First part of the flight test was conducted in accordance with the flight plan. Carried out the collection, processing and transmission to MCC telemetry job RN, on-Board systems of the vehicle, overload, temperature and humidity mode. The ship is on orbit. All staff”. But then something went wrong. Users began to openly wonder (“it is incredible that adults can enjoy such garbage”) and trolls: “Fedor, you have eaten? And pooped?”

In principle, the dummy Ripley that Fedor during launch performed the same task with them removed data overload, and more. The functionality of our robot at this time was about how the smartphone. In fact, the smartphone can also say “Go!”.

Робота Федора в космосе прикуют к стенке: заставили вести твиттер

What the robot will do on orbit — kept secret. It is known that the ISS it “anchors” the legs — attach to the wall. In this position, he will fly to his return to earth in two weeks. Easy to understand — the hundredweight of metal and plastic is better to be mounted securely so as not to spread anything inadvertently.

Experiments will be carried out by cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov. He has to wear associated with a robot “suit” with sensors, allowing Fedor to repeat the movements of Alexander.

It is hoped that this is a serious work in the future, when, thanks to the proven technology of control anthropomorphic robots will replace astronauts on dangerous sections, in the open space.

Робота Федора в космосе прикуют к стенке: заставили вести твиттер

How needed is a humanoid robot apparently, time will tell. But experiments performed all who have the opportunity. Americans, for example, a humanoid robot has been picked up from the ISS — he’s started to break down. But they have quite successfully begin to operate robots Astrobee — they should take on the task of daily maintenance of the boat. These robots, however, more like a flying suitcase.

By the way, Rogozin on the forum “Mashuk-2019” have shown the robot in a fur hat who knows how to dance lezginka. Think you can guess which robot will be the second from Russia in space. In fact, it is also possible to obtain scientific data.
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