Unreal “minimization”

In 2017, insisting on the adoption of the tax reform, many Republicans insisted that the Declaration form will be the size of a postcard.

That Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will simplify the lives of millions of Americans, insisted and President Donald trump. But it is actually not excluded that the similar simplification of reporting will only lead to additional problems.

One of the problems is that to reduced of the Declaration may be accompanied by up to additional 6, and then process the packet of information will become more difficult.

In addition, about 90% of taxpayers now serves data in electronic form and, therefore, “paper” documentation is becoming less relevant. And, it seems, such a reform is not ready and the IRS — sample Form 1040 new size about the same as before.

Of the need to reduce the size of the Declaration is questioned and the Chairman of the Committee on appropriations of the house of representatives Richard Neal. “Never believed in that all data will be able to fit on a postcard, he said. And when time after time I have heard such assurances, the assurance that they are purely populist in nature, only growing stronger”.
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