Half of Americans don’t approve of trump’s reaction to mass shootings

According to a new survey by the Wall Street Journal/NBC News, about half of Americans disapprove of the President’s reaction to trump in the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, and the vast majority supported the Congress, which intends to expand the audit of the sale of firearms.

According to a survey conducted after the recent incidents, 68% of respondents expressed concern that the US might be another mass shooting or attack white nationalists, targeting people on the basis of their skin colour or country of origin, while 55% said that they were “very concerned” with this problem. 50% Express the fear of another major terrorist attack.

Americans believe the main reason for the shootings:

  • the information spread in social networks;
  • the lack of effective treatment of mental illness;
  • the light incident to the media.

54% believe that trump has some responsibility for the shooting because of his rhetoric and posts on Twitter.

The survey also showed that 45% of Americans are concerned that the government has gone too far in restricting the rights of citizens to own guns, while 50% fear that the government is not doing enough to regulate access to firearms.

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