11-year-old heroine saved the life of her younger sister, seeing that she was not breathing

11-year-old Lila Morgan from Waterloo (ia) was home with his sister — Lily Castillo, who is only 7 weeks — when suddenly noticed that the little girl unconscious.

UnityPoint Health. As it turned out, fast response Leela saved her sister’s life.

“I walked in [and saw] that her face gray, his lips white, and she’s not breathing”. recalls Leela.

The girls ‘ mother — Amanda Pagli — at this time was at work, so Lila had to act alone.

“She didn’t know what else to do, and breathed into her mouth a little air, says Amanda — and then called 911″.

As it turned out, fast response and decisive action Leela saved the child’s life.

What an 11-Year-Old Did to Save Her Baby Sister's Life

At 11 years old, she's already being called a hero. What she did to save her 7-week-old baby sister's life.

Geplaatst door UnityPoint Health – Waterloo op Donderdag 22 augustus 2019

“She again began to breathe, — said the girl — so we went outside and she started to make some sounds”.

By the time it took the ambulance, as the Lily has almost stabilized.

“It’s amazing what 11-year-old girl managed something like that” — said Stephen Sinwell, one of the doctors arrived on the call.

UnityPoint Health. The girl received a special certificate — “heroine UnityPoint Health”

“I am incredibly proud of her. adds Amanda , I’m very lucky that I have such a daughter“.

Feat Leela made her a real star, and the network hospitals UnityPoint Health has decided to pay tribute to the actions of the girls, giving a special certificate — “heroine UnityPoint”.
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