Parents Philip Delpla: “This is part of the mystery of Russia”

Thursday, August 15, the Moscow city court transferred from prison under house arrest French banker Philippe Delpal, one of the accused in the so-called Baring. Philip Delpal held in the investigative isolator “Matrosskaya Tishina” six months. Immediately before the hearing on the appeal against the measure of restraint Russian service RFI met with the parents pursued the banker, 75-year-old guy and a 74-year-old Monique Delpal. In an interview with RFI they spoke about correspondence with his son via the Internet-translators, about the shaken faith in Russian justice and steadfast love of the family of Philip to Russia.

After the arrest of their son on the advice of the granddaughters (daughters of Philip) guy installed on your phone to this unknown messenger-Telegram, where in a special chat he monitors a text stream from the Moscow city court, considering at the time of our interview the appeal on the arrest of his son. All chat in Russian, which he does not know, but occasionally, again from my grandson, he gets a brief translation in French.

GI Delpal: What is shocking to us, in addition to the lack of dates, so it is impossible to defend. He does not have a qualified interpreter. For example, at the last hearing, the translator contradicts himself, summed up the speech of Philip to his defense in two sentences. He was given the case materials in Russian, and when he asked time for acquaintance, gave him 30 minutes. And he does not speak in Russian, and not able to get it to read and write. Obviously, he had no opportunity to defend himself, while the result is clearly accusatory. I believe that all this is contrary to the principles of human rights.

Philip’s nothing to do in this criminal case. This is a commercial dispute and it should be considered in the arbitration.

RFI: do You keep in touch with your son?

GD: For six months of its conclusion, we did not have the right to visits. Only correspondence. But the correspondence in French takes a long time — a month in one direction, then in another month to get his response. We just received his letter in which he congratulated his mother on mother’s day, which was at the end of may. Recently, we have adapted to speed up this correspondence, using the Internet translator to write in Russian. But he’s got no technical means, and he sends us handwritten letters we are unable to upload and translate. But at least it accelerated the process. This is the only contact with him, and of course he’s depressed, isolated. Not only we couldn’t visit him, but his wife and children. It can only be seen during a courtroom through glass cages.

Monique Delpal: We know that our son has lost ten pounds in six months, even if he says that all is well.

What he says in his letters?

GD: In the letters there was little he says. He doesn’t want to upset us. He says he’s all right. We, in turn, also know that these letters will be read [by intelligence services], and we’re not asking, we write about our everyday Affairs, so it’s a little entertaining.

If you go back a bit to the beginning. He went to Russia in 2003 to work in BNP Paribas, and then decided to stay. Did he think then that the work of a banker in Russia can be associated with these risks?

GD: No. Thought. He was sure Russia did not think that there can be such consequences. He was (and still is) a freelance economic Advisor at the French Embassy in Moscow. So anything that he was not worried. His daughters go to a French Lyceum in Moscow. One of them was born in Russia, grew up there another two years, and they feel safer in Russia than in France. They’re there so long remain, it’s because they really wanted to. Besides, Moscow has become so beautiful. Especially after the world Cup.

Are you on it?

GD: Yeah, we go down there every two or three years. Six times went. And we are ready to return there tomorrow if we were allowed a meeting. But until we asked for the visa, because you need to specify date, and while we don’t know if we will be able to see him, it makes no sense to go to stand in a hundred meters from the prison.

I asked you about 2003, when Philip moved to Russia, because in that year began the famous case of Khodorkovsky, if you remember. Not impressed if it is, then, Philip?

GD: More trouble was on account of terrorist attacks and crime, and not because of possible problems with government and justice. It was a political case. He didn’t think it could touch. Philip always knew that it is not in the country, and always remained politically neutral. He never gave their assessments either for the government or the opposition. He was very reserved on these matters. Thus, we see no case that you mentioned where it was about the opposition.

You appealed to President Makron. You got some response?

GD: No, we can’t get a straight answer. But we received a reply from the office of the Elysee Palace, they know they are engaged and doing their best. But we are very praised the actions of the French Ambassador in Moscow, who was present at the last meeting and remained there until the end. At the first meeting, this was not.

In Russia in such cases usually there are two tactics to do business maximum media and political or try to quietly negotiate with the government on a compromise solution. Which of these ways do you consider more effective?

GD: I don’t know. I don’t have enough information to judge that. We don’t live in Russia.

MD: But at first we were very cautious, we trusted the Russian justice, until that moment, until I realized that it is absolutely biased justice.

GD: It completely follows the logic of the investigation and prosecution. And then we decided to go to the press and tell them about the incident.

And at what point you noticed this bias justice?

MD: At the second meeting of the court. Because we already had a lot of meetings, and each time is the same game.

GD: no One listens to what the accused says in his defence. And it is clear that the decision was made before the meeting. We saw this already with the second meeting. But we trust politicians. I think that President Putin is a rational man who is able to solve problems.

Cecile, the wife of Philip, in one of the interviews said that when her husband was released, they plan to stay in Russia. Do you support their decision?

GD: If they can, then Yes, of course, because, as I said, they’re well integrated. They like there. They still have trust in the Russian state. If this case settled, there’s no reason for them to leave. The older of our two granddaughters in the next year must take their final exams at the French lycée, and she would like to take them to Moscow, where studied, not to change the school, returning to France. So at least the next 12 months they would like to stay. But still depends on the employer. I don’t know the situation in Baring.

Not talking about leaving, not talking about the flight. It would mean an admission of guilt. But they would like to acknowledge their honesty and innocence. Besides, they bought an apartment.

And your granddaughter is perfectly fluent in Russian?

GD: Junior — 13 years. Her mother came to give birth in Grenoble, because they knew local doctors. But on the eighth day [after birth] they returned to Moscow. So she taught Russian at the same time with the French. At the Lyceum she chose Russian class. Although there was French class. She is studying together with Russian children. And the eldest granddaughter when they moved to Moscow, she was two years old. So it’s about the same situation. I think both speak without an accent. They lived in another country, except in Russia. And they want to stay there as long as possible.

At the end of the interview, guy delali receives the message in the Telegram about the fact that the Moscow city court satisfied the appeal of protection and Philip translated under house arrest.

GD: I only learned about the transfer of my son from jail under house arrest!

MD: Finally!

GD: of course, I am satisfied, but of course, I hope that you will allow visit. We are ready to go to Moscow as soon as we allow Dating, and we get the visa. This is the best news today.

MD: This is not a victory. This is a preliminary measure, but the court will, and we expect to prove his innocence.

GD: But why was it six months? This is part of the mystery of Russia.

Philip Delpal detained February 14. Along with other members of Baring Vostok, following a statement by the shareholder of Bank “East” Sherzod Yusupov about the theft of the Bank “East” 2.5 billion rubles. In Baring Vostok believes the criminal case method of resolving intra-corporate dispute of shareholders of “Vostochny”.

In the Kremlin on 15 August do not even have to hide the fact that the unexpected decision of the court related to the upcoming August 19 visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to France. “The French President discussed this on several occasions with our President. Here, just prior to the visit [took] the decision of the court”, — told journalists the assistant to the Russian President Yuri Ushakov.
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