In the block of limestone, found in Sevastopol found the bullet by the age of 70 million years

On the Crimean Peninsula, the archaeologists were able to make interesting opening.

According to experts, during the last survey they were able to detect inclusions in the rock, which turned about 70 million years. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported that Chinese plants can shoot seeds like bullets.

The head of the enterprise whose employees are found, Sergey Chumak, said that the stone was mined at a depth of approximately 100 meters. This species belongs to very old layers. When the researchers decided to cut a block of limestone, they identified unknown origin metal products. After some time, managed to establish their artificial origin.

Archaeologists have focused on the fact that the above phenomena have direct resemblance to arrowheads or bullets. Two of the three products have the shape of a Crescent and a little flattened. Visually the bullets are made of copper, but only thorough analysis will provide an opportunity to determine exactly what material was used during their manufacture.

Employees above industrial object passed to the above findings the researchers that they had a more competent assessment of what is happening.
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