Bi-bi-si: 90 people have suffered from radiation in the Arkhangelsk region

With contaminated victims in the explosion of a jet engine in the Arkhangelsk region in contact 90. About it writes “the Russian service Bi-bi-si” with reference to employees of the Arkhangelsk regional clinical hospital.

Even after it became aware of the infected patients, no hospital staff has not ceased to assist them. The doctors had to come up with protection. For example, respirators they found complete protection of the helicopter crew.

What is happening, one of the interlocutors bi-Bi-si described as chaos.

The explosion at a military site near Severodvinsk, on 8 August, resulting in increased levels of radiation in the region, has caused concern both in Russia and abroad. Suspicions that the Russian authorities are hiding the true scale of the emergency, intensified this week when it was revealed that the five monitoring stations of the international monitoring system of nuclear tests in Russia, stopped working. Reported Treaty Organization comprehensive nuclear test ban (CTBTO), the headquarters of which is located in Vienna. This writes Deutsche Welle.

The link between the explosion and the shutdown of the stations one of the first pointed Executive Secretary of the CTBTO Zerbo Lassina. In his tweet he published the alleged distribution map of radioactive cloud after the explosion in Severodvinsk. In the organization said that the version is arranged according to weather conditions in the days that followed the explosion. This means that theoretically the radioactive cloud could move in the Russia.

As suggested by the interlocutors “Deutsche Welle” that occurred in Severodvinsk crash is definitely on the “second Chernobyl”. “If the data that the maximum radiation level was no more than 2 microsieverts per hour is correct, then it poses no threat to humans. This is less than the radiation dose for a one hour flight across the Atlantic”, – explained the expert from Vienna in an interview with “Deutsche Welle”

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