Disclosed is a method to send signals to other Universes

Раскрыт способ посылать сигналы в другие Вселенные

Scientists at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa has identified the theoretical conditions under which it is possible to send a message through the wormhole — a hypothetical region of space-time that connect black holes in different Universes. However, the amount of information it is very minor and amounts to a few bits. This publication reports Live Science.

Researchers have studied the properties of space-time with negative curvature, that is, having the shape of a saddle. It is known that only in this case, a passable wormhole or a wormhole. For simplicity, scientists assumed that the universe has only two dimensions, however, the results of their mathematical calculations are also applicable to the three spatial dimensions.

It turned out that the wormhole can pass only a few bits of information. This is due to the fact that the transmission of signals affecting the black holes themselves: sending the black hole will increase in mass and host — to decrease. The first message will cause the latter to lose 30 percent of the mass, and the subsequent transmission the “receiver” will disappear completely. The amount of information each message will also decrease.

Currently, scientists are looking for more efficient ways to transmit signals through the wormhole. However, the researchers conclude, there will always be a limit to amounts of information as “bridges” between Universes is very unstable.
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